Is DealDash an American company?

DealDash is a bidding fee auction site….DealDash.

Type of site Private
Headquarters United States and Finland
Area served United States
Founder(s) William Wolfram
CEO Pasi Lohi

How much does DealDash cost?

At DealDash, you can buy a pack of as few as 60 bids, or as many as 1,000, for 60 cents each. At Gankit, bids cost 55 cents each, with packages starting at $22 (or 40 bids).

What is the catch with DealDash?

On DealDash, bidders that don’t win the auction, can buy the same item for its Buy it Now price using the Buy it Now feature, and get all the bids they used back for free. When you use the Buy it Now on DealDash, you always get all your bids back for free.

Do you lose money on DealDash?

Unlike a traditional auction house, on DealDash consumers have to pay for every penny bid they make. If they opt not to buy it from DealDash, they walk away from the auction having lost money. Even if they do win, found, consumers can end up paying more for an item than its face value.

How does DealDash sell so cheap?

DealDash runs one of such auction-based business models where it auctions products which eventually is bought by the customers at a comparatively lesser price than its actual price. The business model runs on a penny (bidding fee) auction strategy and offers the bids for as less as 20 cents.

Why is DealDash so cheap?

How is DealDash so cheap?

How do you win DealDash?

How to use Dealdash without losing money

  1. When you join, just buy one bid pack (this way, you’re guaranteed your money back if you don’t win.)
  2. Begin by choosing two or three items you’d like to bid on.
  3. Place one bid on each item early in the auction, before the price hits $5.00.
  4. Lower your expectations.

Are there bots on DealDash?

DealDash Audit Completed by Ernst and Young The scope of the engagement was to examine the auction records of DealDash to provide assurance that bids on auctions are placed by bona fide users, without the use of bots, shill bidding or bidding by employees.

Do people actually win on DealDash?

Deal Dash does actually refund your first bid pack if you don’t win anything, so one could argue it is risk-free if you only buy one bid pack. You can fritter away quite a bit of it before your first bid pack runs out. I spent way more time on Deal Dash than I anticipated.

Is DealDash com a safe site?

Deal Dash is a safe site and has been ever since its inception. It is covered under a money back guarantee and state-of-the-art encryption technology to keep all financial information safe. Does Deal Dash have gaming computers?

How to bid on DealDash?

Use a DealDash Free Bids code.

  • Check DealDash’s Facebook Page.
  • Fill Out Your Bio.
  • Get Free Bids by Being the Highest Bidder.
  • Win Easy Products You Don’t Want and Exchange Them for Bids.
  • “Buy It Now” auctions you lost to get your bids back.
  • The Easiest Way to Get Free Bids.
  • Is DealDash for real?

    The only real problems with Deal Dash is that they have been around for years and have accumulated millions of users. Some of those users have been in Deal dash since the beginning and have won many bid packs, making their bid cost next to nothing.

    Does Deal Dash work?

    Yes , Deal Dash really does work. However, you need to understand that the chances of winning an auction are low and it takes a lot of time spent on the site to learn how to win the auctions to get the best deals. Some people consider investing in the stock market to be just as risky.