Is deVere Group a good company to work for?

Good company deVere is a great place to work at and was really balanced in terms of having work from home option in certain teams. Throughout my career so far I have learnt a lot from the management and my whole team, I would recommend people to work for such a great company.

Where is the deVere Group based?

the UAE
deVere Group is headquartered in the UAE.

Who is Nigel Green deVere?

Nigel Green, founder and CEO of deVere Group, leads one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory organisations with over 80,000 high-net-worth, expat and international investor clients in more than 100 countries worldwide and over US$10 billion under advice and management.

Who owns the De Vere group?

Starwood Capital Group
Global private investment firm Starwood Capital Group has announced the acquisition, through a controlled affiliate, of UK hotel and conference centre operator De Vere Venues from the De Vere Group for approximately £231m.

Do financial advisors help with stocks?

Although financial planners do not specialize in the stock market, they can buy stock. Depending on their client agreement, financial planners may trade in stock on behalf of their clients, just like stockbrokers, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. Both offer advice to their clients.

Who is de Vere?

Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford (/də ˈvɪər/; 12 April 1550 – 24 June 1604) was an English peer and courtier of the Elizabethan era. He was among the first to compose love poetry at the Elizabethan court and was praised as a playwright, though none of the plays known as his survive.

How tall is Nigel Green?

6′ 4″
Nigel Green/Height

Where is Nigel Green from?

Pretoria, South Africa
Nigel Green/Place of birth

How much does a wealth manager make?

Wealth Manager Salary

Percentile Salary Location
25th Percentile Wealth Manager Salary $66,078 US
50th Percentile Wealth Manager Salary $81,521 US
75th Percentile Wealth Manager Salary $96,480 US
90th Percentile Wealth Manager Salary $110,100 US

Are there any bad reviews of DeVere group?

Devere has provided financial advice and guidance to my wife and I for a number of years whilst living in the UAE. I strongly recommend deVere to anyone wishing to safeguard and grow their wealth. Thank you for your comment. It’s been a pleasure working with you. One third of deVere Group’s reviews on Trustpilot are rated “bad”.

Why is DeVere group considered a pariah?

Staff may be dismissed for failing to attain targets. deVere has acquired the status of a pariah in the international financial services industry for its cynical exploitation of clients and disregard for the law in those jurisdictions where it believes it can act with impunity.

Is the deVere Group licensed in various jurisdictions?

The deVere Group of Companies, is licensed in various jurisdictions, however, the products and services offered by the respective entities may vary per jurisdiction. The deVere Group does not warrant, either expressly or implied, the accuracy, timeliness, or appropriateness of the information contained on this website.

Who are the Wealth Advisors at DeVere group?

Management couldn’t care less and are openly racist. The wealth advisors are cowboys with little to no experience in the financial sector, all they care about is putting cash in their pockets. Poor management, boiler room company with high turnover. Was this review helpful?