Is flareside and Stepside the same?

One of the more common misconceptions among the newcomers is the usage of the term “Stepside” to denote a Ford truck with external rear wheel wells. Flareside (on a Ford, or “Stepside” if you’re talking Chevy) refers to those skinny beds with outward bulges around the rear wheels. …

What years did Ford make the flareside?

From what I can tell by looking through the below website. Ford dropped the step side/flare side in 1988, added it back in 1995 then dropped it again in 2009. Could not really find when it was introduced prior to 1988 when it was dropped. Hope that helps.

When did Ford stop making the flareside?

Ford continued to make its flareside truck until around 2009. The main reason why manufacturers no longer make the stepside is that the overall style of trucks has evolved. You no longer have to have a bulky-looking truck bed for it to be practical and functional.

Is the Stepside Ranger bed dimensions different?

The Ford Ranger has stepside dimensions of 73 inches for the standard short bed, and for the long bed, it iS85 inches. It iS44 inches wide, and 20.8 inches in depth.

What does Stepside mean?

Stepside:Chevy started this design decades ago and were really the first to the party. It’s commonly used to describe beds by Dodge, GMC, and others. The wheelwell arches are located outside of the bed. The sides of the bed are flat, and the wheel arches that accommodate the tires are inside the bed.

What does the F in F-150 stand for?

In 1948, Ford debuted the first official F-Series, aka the Ford Bonus-Built line. They ranged from the half-ton F-1, all the way up to the 3-ton F-8. According to Consumer Guide, because ‘F’ stands for ‘Ford’.

Is Chevy bringing back the Stepside?

This Modern Chevy Silverado Brings Back the Stepside Bed and It Almost Works. In fact, the Silverado 1500 sports the facelift introduced for the 2016 model year, which paved the way for the more aggressive styling brought by the 2019MY arrival of the fourth-gen truck.

How long is Ford Ranger bed?

Inside length: 72.8 inches. Width between wheelhouses: 44.8 inches. Inside height: 20.8 inches. Cargo box volume: 51.8 cubic feet.

Can you put a stepside bed on a regular bed truck?

and yes the beds are interchangeable and the fuel filler neck should be the only thing you might have to modify.

What does Styleside bed mean?

Styleside: Similar in design to fleetside, styleside is the name Ford applies to the regular ‘flat-sided’ bed on their pickup trucks. The primary difference between fleetside and styleside pickups is simply the manufacturer.

What is the difference between Flareside and Styleside?

What Is the Difference in Styleside & Flareside Trucks? Flareside. Ford’s flareside design has been dropped and reintroduced multiple times, closely following buyer trends. Styleside. Ford’s styleside truck bed in comparison to the flareside design is much sleeker in appearance, but consumes valuable cargo space. Competitor Models.

What is a Styleside Ford?

Styleside means the rear fenders are on the inside of the bed and Flareside means they are on the outside of the bed. Fleetside is just the Chevy/ GMC name for what Ford calls their Styleside.

What is the length of a Ford Ranger bed?

Truck bed dimensions for a Ford Ranger depend on the model. The 1995 version has a bed measuring 69.4 inches wide. The cargo capacity is 37 cubic feet. The length is 6 feet for the super cab regular. The long bed is 7 feet long.

What is a Styleside bed?

Fleetside is a bed that has flat sides. Styleside is a bed that has steps on the bed before and after the wheel well. If pictures are needed, give me the year, make, model.