Is Grimm a good show?

Grimm is a really good show where you basically learn that Grimm’s fairy tales was not really fairy tales after all. Nick, the main character, is coming to terms with this whole new world and the fact that he is a Grimm.

What is the story line for the television series Grimm?

Grimm is an American fantasy police procedural drama television series created by Stephen Carpenter and Jim Kouf & David Greenwalt and produced by Universal Television for NBC. The series aired from October 28, 2011 to March 31, 2017, for 123 episodes, over six seasons. The series’ narrative follows Portland Homicide detective Nick Burkhardt, who discovers he is a Grimm, the latest in a line of guardians who is sworn to keep the balance between humanity and mythological creatures, known as Wesen

Who is the main actor on Grimm series?

David Giuntoli (born June 18, 1980) is an American actor. He is best known for the lead role of Detective Nick Burkhardt in the NBC supernatural drama Grimm. He co-starred in the 2016 Michael Bay film 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and Buddymoon.

How many episodes of Grimm Season 6?

Grimm (season 6) The sixth and final season of the NBC American supernatural drama series Grimm was announced on April 18, 2016. It premiered on January 6 and concluded on March 31, 2017. The season consisted of 13 episodes.

What is a Grimm in a TV show called Grimm?

Grimm is an American police procedural fantasy television drama series. Nick Burkhardt is a homicide detective who learns that he is a descendant from a line of hunters, called Grimms, who fight supernatural forces and mythological creatures.

Are the Grimms Wesen?

While not generally thought of as a Wesen species, Grimm share a bloodline trait separating them from normal humans: they are capable of seeing the true form of a Wesen, typically when the Wesen is startled, afraid or otherwise emotional.

How many season are there of Grimm?

A total of 123 episodes of Grimm aired over six seasons.