Is HCL interview easy?

The first round for HCL placement was the HCL aptitude test which took place in our college’s tech building. The test had a total of 60 questions with 5 general knowledge questions about the company itself. The test was pretty easy as I had prepared for aptitude from faceprep’s aptipedia.

What are the rounds in HCL interview?

HCL conducts 4 rounds to select freshers as Software Engineer in their organisation.

What is HCL interview process?

In the following article, we are providing you detailed campus recruitment process and eligibility criteria to get recruited in HCL….HCL recruitment aptitude test pattern.

Name of the section No of Questions Duration
Quantitative Aptitude 15 60 mins
Reasoning 15
Verbal Ability 15
Technical Ability 15

How long does it take for HCL offer letter?

The whole process from India takes around one to two weeks time to release offer letter. Testing your knowledge, usually you get results the same day.

Does HCL negotiate salary?

HCL is a place where you would want to retire, when you are settled in your job profile and can negotiate a decent salary where you don’t expect a good hike anytime in the future.

Is HCL hiring process slow?

The company yet to take a call on promotions and wage hikes. HCL Technologies will go slow on lateral hires due to drop in demand on the back of the novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic. However the company will go ahead with the hiring of 15,000 freshers as planned for FY21. So, hiring will also reduce.”

What to ask in an interview for HCL Technologies?

IMPRESS WITH YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION. DON’T JUST ANSWER. ASK. The interview isn’t over just because your time in the room is. Send your interviewer an e-mail within 24 hours and thank them for taking the time to interview you Before you leave, ask the hiring manager what the time frame is for making a hiring decision

How to answer HCL America interview questions with confidence?

The key to answering this question with confidence starts with understanding that you are interviewing with HCL America because your interviewer feels that you are a strong candidate for this position. What your interviewer is focusing on with this question is how they could be of most help to you if hired for the job.

How long is the interview for HCL NC?

This is a technical interview round one for mulesoft developer position in HCL – NC role. The interviewer took one hour to interview on Mule 4. There were 3 interviewers in the interview panel with high knowledge on Mulesoft. I applied through college or university.

How to prepare for the HCl recruitment process?

The work environment and corporate culture ensure your personal and professional development along with the overall growth of the organization. Submit your resume with a complete list of credentials and provide detailed information about your experience for the position applied