Is HomePlus mortgage legitimate?

Reputation. HomePlus Mortgage is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating from the organization.

How do I find out if a mortgage loan is legit?

How to spot a legitimate loan company

  1. Check for contact information. A lender’s phone number, email address and physical address should be readily available on the website, even if it’s an online-only lender.
  2. Investigate online reviews.
  3. Look at the Better Business Bureau.
  4. Make sure it’s registered.

How genuine is Kashkash?

It seems to be a scam because of all the loans rejected. Once you meet the eligibility status of kashkash loans, then your loan will be approved. I will recommend kashkash to any one looking for a loan for an emergency, only if you have the ability to pay back.

What is the interest rate of KashKash?

36.5% to 300%
KashKash offers flexible loan products. For online loans in Nigeria, super loan, and better loans in Nigeria, download and apply for KashKash. Annual interest rates from 36.5% to 300%. The interest rate is calculated on a daily basis.

Is KashKick real?

Is KashKick Legit Or A Scam? Yes, KashKick is legit and not a scam. The company is still relatively new, yet its survey panel has an outstanding reputation for paying out survey takers. All of the payments are made through PayPal.

What kind of loans does Homeplus mortgage use?

HomePlus uses Quicken Loans (which by the way is highly rated in the marketplace). Yesterday we signed our loan documents and it appears we are headed to lowering our loan payments very soon. If you are looking to purchase or refinance a home, I cannot say enough awesome things about Bryan.

Who are the brokers for Home plus mortgage?

James Rotta from Home Plus Mortgage was among one of those who contacted me. James was very responsive, and he had been so patient with me despite me having tons of questions and needing a lot of clarifications, confirmation and assurance throughout the process.

How long did it take for Homeplus mortgage to close?

Charlie handled everything quickly and professionally, with clear numbers timelines that were executed to a tee. And…no other lenders were even close to matching their rates and closing fees. Our entire refinance – from our first phone call to loan funding – concluded in about two weeks.