Is IAA auction legit?


How do I contact IAA?

How do I contact IAA? IAA has a team of people dedicated to helping buyers. Buyer Services can answer any questions regarding registration, our website, or any matters relating to your account. Contact Buyer Services by phone (1-877- 937-4243 or 1-708-492-7080) or via email: [email protected].

What are Insurance Auto Auctions?

IAA is a leading global marketplace to buy and sell total loss, damaged and low-value vehicles. Supported by industry-leading technology and innovation, IAA’s solutions focus on maximizing the value of vehicles sold through its multi-channel auction model and shortening the selling cycle overall.

What does stationary mean at IAA?

the item does not turn on
Stationary means the item does not turn on. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (215) 289-0300.

What are IAA auction fees?

What is the registration fee? The yearly membership fee for Public and Licensed Business buyer accounts is $200. Additional bidders can be added to a Licensed Business buyer account for an annual cost of $100 per additional bidder.

Is IAA better than Copart?

Potentially, IAA can push through a lot of, actually, a higher rate of earnings growth than Copart. It also trades at a very slight discount to Copart. So that’s why I think that IAA is very analogous to Copart and it’s potentially an interesting investment if you like Copart. Nick Sciple: Absolutely.

How do I get an IAA auction license?

To register with IAA, complete the online Registration form and upload a valid government-issued photo ID (with picture, signature and residence address) along with a copy of your business license and tax license (if applicable).

Where is the IAA auction in Englishtown NJ?

Englishtown Location: From the New Jersey Turnpike, keep left to stay on I-95 S / New Jersey Tpke Cars Only Ln. At exit 11, take ramp right for Garden State Parkway South toward The Amboys / Woodbridge. At exit 123, take ramp right for US-9 S toward Old Bridge / Sayreville.

What kind of cars do IAA Auctions Sell?

IAA sells lightly damaged, salvage and clear-title vehicles, parts cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and heavy equipment at auctions across the United States. Preview our huge selection of vehicles free of charge then register to view auctions and bid.

Is the IAA offsite yard in Avenel NJ open?

Payments are not being accepted at the IAA Avenel offsite yard at this time. The IAA Avenel offsite yard will be open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. ET for pickups.

When do I have to pay for IAA car?

Now IAA offers several ways for buyers to make payments. After the vehicle is awarded, payments are due by 4:30 p.m. local branch time on the payment due date. For U.S. domestic buyers, the payment due date is two business days after the vehicle is awarded.