Is IFB and Bosch same company?

Is IFB and Bosch same company? IFB is an Indian washing machine brand where Bosch is a German company. Their build quality, features, and technologies are also different from each other. IFB provides some features specially designed for Indian people where you can see German engineering mechanisms into Bosch.

Is IFB a German company?

Founded in Kolkata in 1974 by Bijon Nag, who had many years’ experience in fine blanking in Germany and Switzerland, in collaboration with Heinrich Schmid of Switzerland, IFB Industries was known as Indian Fine Blanks. Its promoters, the Nag family of Kolkata, hold 75 per cent stake in the company.

Is IFB better than Bosch?

Which washing machine is better, IFB or LG? According to our extensive research, IFB is more budget-friendly and Bosch provides premium category washing machines. So in short, for a low price range, IFB is the best brand for washing machines. And for a high price range, Bosch is the best option available in the market.

Which is better IFB or Bosch?

Which is better LG or IFB?

IFB provides a hard water solution, a bigger product warranty, and good build quality where LG has smart features, direct drive, 6 motion drum, and premium build quality. In the top-loading category, LG has better build quality, washing performance, and stable operation than IFB.

Which is the No 1 washing machine company in India?

Summary of the Top 10 washing machine brands in India

S No. Product Name Price
1 Panasonic 5 Star Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machine – NA-F70L9MRB Rs. 17190
2 Samsung Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine Rs. 32,990
3 Whirlpool 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine Rs. 22,330

What’s the difference between Bosch and IFB washing machines?

The display size is the main difference between the two machines. The features remain the same. People with space or budget constraints can opt for the top-loading washing machines. They are not as efficient at washing clothes or water management but you will surely get your job done.

Who is the Chief Financial Officer of IFB Industries?

-IFB Industries Ltd has informed that Mr. Prabir Chatterjee, Chief Financial Officer of the Company has been inducted on the board of the Company as Additional Director. -Sudam Maitra has been inducted as Additional Director of the Company also appointed as Deputy Managing Director of the Company.

Where are the IFB Home Appliances located in India?

IFB Home Appliances is a division of IFB Industries Ltd which provides products and services across a range of product categories. It has its manufacturing location in Kolkata, and Verna India. The company has a chain of ~530 retail outlets called ‘IFB Point’.

When did the IFB digital washing machine come out?

During the year 2002-03 the company launched a highly sophisticated washing machine ‘IFB Digital’ with advanced features in line with the latest international models. In addition they introduced a new range of Microwave Ovens. The company added 250 Nos of retail outlets in different parts of the country.