Is InfaSecure a good brand?

InfaSecure received five stars for flexibility and four stars in the remaining categories, including comfort, durability, design and overall satisfaction.

Does InfaSecure have IsoFix?

We currently manufacturer two restraints with the IsoFix attachments only. The Kompressor 4 Astra (ask for the CS8513 model, the CS8313 Kompressor 4 Astra is a standard install only) and the Quinta Quantum.

Which Car Seat brand is the safest?

Experts Pick: The Safest & Best Convertible Car Seat of 2021

  • #1. Britax One4Life Clicktight All-in-One (best overall)
  • #2. Graco 4Ever DLX All-in-One (best for low-weight babies)
  • #3. Evenflo Symphony DLX All-in-One (best value for the money)
  • #4. Cosco Scenera Next (best for budget)
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  • #8.

What brand is the best car seat?

Best car seats

  • Best overall. : Cybex Aton 2.
  • Best convertible car seat. : Britax Boulevard Clicktight ARB.
  • Budget safety pick. : Chicco Keyfit 30.
  • Best 4-in-1 car seat. : Graco 4Ever DLX.
  • Extended rear-facing pick. : Evenflo Gold SensorSafe EveryStage.
  • Anti-rebound pick. : Primo Viaggio Nido.
  • Easiest to clean.
  • Easiest to use.

What is submarining in booster seats?

Submarining is when a child slides down, underneath the seat belt, and can cause very serious, potentially deadly internal injuries. The great thing about this method of locking the lap belt is that the seatbelt can still be used as normal – you don’t need to remove it to get your child in and out!

What is the submarine effect?

In the “submarine effect” the body slides below the belt, acting like hinge. We present the case of a driver in a car accident in whom severe soft tissue and visceral lesions were caused by a two-point seat-belt reproducing a complete “seatbelt syndrome”.

What means ISOFix?

International Standard Organisation Fix
Isofix stands for International Standard Organisation Fix and it’s the best way of ensuring your baby seat is fitted correctly and safely to your car – it uses anchor points that are fixed to your car’s shell to ensure the seat is secure rather than holding it in place with the seat belt.

What is the number 1 car seat?

Compare the best car seats

Car seat Type
Best overall Cybex Aton 2 Infant
Best convertible car seat Britax Boulevard Clicktight ARB Convertible
Budget safety pick Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant
Best 4-in-1 car seat Graco 4Ever DLX 4-in-1