Is it correct to say I have a question?

2 Answers. No, this is not a phrase that any native speaker would use, and yes it is incorrect. One would either say “I have a question” or “May / Can I ask a question” instead. ‘ makes sense if there is a quiz master with many questions to ask of contestants.

What are some questions for English?

100 Answers to Common English Questions

  • What do you do? This question means “What is your job/profession?”
  • Are you married?
  • Why are you studying English?
  • Where/How did you learn English?
  • What do you do in your free time?
  • What’s the weather like? / How’s the weather?
  • What time is it? / Do you have the time?

Is it polite to say I have a question for you?

1 Answer. It should also be noted that ‘I have a question for you’ (rather than just ‘I have a question’) should be used only when there is something about the question that makes it specially apropriate to address it to that person.

What are good questions to ask?

Break the ice and get to know people better by selecting several of these get-to-know-you questions.

  • Who is your hero?
  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • What is your favorite family vacation?
  • What would you change about yourself if you could?
  • What really makes you angry?

Can I ask you a question meaning?

Talking about capability. May I ask you a question? Asking for permission. In addition, “may” version is more polite than the “can” version.

What does ask of you mean?

ask something of somebody You’re asking too much of him. So, “doing everything you’re asking of it” means doing everything you expect or demand of it.

Can I ask you or could I ask you?

“Could I ask you something?” Is more formal. “Can” sounds better. “Can I ask you a question?”

Which is the correct way to ask a question in English?

‘Can’, ‘should’ and ‘would’ are other words used to ask questions in English. These words tend to require a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, or an affirmative. Since these question word lead to an expected answer, they are not really questions. These questions can prompt two kinds of answers.

How many question words are there in English?

There are nine (although ‘whom’ is quite old fashioned and rarely used in common English). You can see that eight of the nine words begin with the letters ‘Wh’; therefore, question words are sometimes known as the ‘W’ or ‘Wh’ words. More properly, question words can be called ‘interrogative’ words.

Why are questions called Yes or no questions?

They’re called “yes/no questions” because the answer to these questions is generally “yes” or “no.” [Auxiliary Verb] + [Subject] + [Main Verb] + [Object or Other Information] +? The present simple tense is used to talk about things that are always true, or things that generally or frequently happen.

What’s the correct answer to the question how do you do?

The question is almost the same as how do you do which is a way of a greeting and doesn’t really want an honest answer, especially if things are not going well. At most you might reply “Great!” if it’s true, “Pretty good” if not quite great but good.