Is it safe to walk in Broome at night?

Hello Millieandme, no, I would strongly advise against walking anywhere on your own at night in Broome. We lived there for many years until recently and though the streets are lit, there’s many areas were the lighting is not adequate and it’s something I would not do.

Where should I stay in Broome?

Luxe Broome Resort Stays

  • ECO BEACH RESORT. Broome really knows how to dish out a luxe experience.
  • Mangrove Hotel. Two words: bayside escape.
  • The Billi Resort. The boutique Billi Resort is seriously stunning.
  • The Pearle.
  • The Pearler.
  • Treehouse Broome.
  • Cable Beach Resort Home.

How many days is enough in Broome?

Kimberley Safari – If you are travelling to Broome because it is the starting point for a Kimberley safari that you intend to join, it is a good idea to give yourself 3-4 days in the town to relax and take in the sights before you start your exploration of what is one of the last true wilderness areas in the world.

How much spending money do I need for Broome?

Backpacking Broome Suggested Budgets On a backpacker budget, you can do it for around 75-90 AUD per day. This is a suggested budget if you’re staying in a hostel dorm or Couchsurfing, cooking all of your meals, limiting your drinking, and using the bus to get around.

Why is Broome so popular?

Western Australia’s very own secret getaway is right on the doorstep of the Indian Ocean. Full of colour and natural phenomena, Broome is a beach resort and pearling town in Australia’s Kimberley region, popular for sunset camel rides and walking along the dinosaur tracks.

Is it better to stay in Cable Beach or Broome?

If you stay in town there are plenty of restaurants and shops to fill in your time. Cable Beach is very up market and you will be limited with restaurants and will pay though the nose for it. Cable Beach hotel is a large accommodation processing line. Hotels in Broome are a little more private.

What months Can you swim in Broome?

Cable Beach in Broome is safe for swimming for most of the tourist season, but not during the wet season. From November to about May, even June, the northern oceans are inhabited by Chironex box jellyfish and Irukandji.

Can you swim at beaches in Broome?

The general rule is that you can swim in Broome during the dry season. The reason is that Irukandji and box jellyfish are not active in colder waters. Once the water temperature is over 28 degrees you should definitely stay out of the water. Here is some more information about Irukandji at Broome beaches.

Can you swim in Broome beaches?