Is Jio broadband prepaid?

Jio Support Currently our JioFiber broadband services are Prepaid. We plan to launch the JioFiber Post-paid in due course of time.

Which JioFiber plan is best?

Jio Broadband Plans 2021

Jio Fiber Plans List Data & Speed Price
JioFiber ₹1,499 Monthly Plan Unlimited @300 Mbps ₹1,499
JioFiber ₹2,097 Quarterly Plan Unlimited @100 Mbps ₹2,097
JioFiber ₹2,394 Semi-Annual Plan Unlimited @30 Mbps ₹2,394
JioFiber ₹2,499 Monthly Plan Unlimited @500 Mbps ₹2,499

Is Jio Broadband Unlimited?

Reliance Jio offers a range of JioFiber broadband plans that provide customers unlimited high-speed data. The company’s ‘Truly unlimited broadband plan’ is available at a starting price of Rs 399 per month and goes up to Rs 8,499 per month for speeds of up to 1Gbps.

Is Jio fiber 699 Plan Unlimited?

Coming to the Rs 699 plan, it is known as Jio Fiber Silver broadband plan. The pack comes with 100Mbps of internet speeds and offers unlimited data for its customers. Furthermore, users will also get unlimited voice calls, though, like Bronze, it also not come with any bundled OTT subscription benefits.

Which is better Jio or Airtel Broadband?

Airtel also bundles Xstream DTH box with one month HD pack with this plan. While both operators offer unlimited data and calling, Jio has a clear edge in terms of providing additional free apps. And that alone could be a strong reason for some folks to pick the Jio Fiber plan.

Which act plan is best?

Rs 5999 ACT Fibernet Plan

ACT Fibernet Plans Internet speeds Monthly Data
Rs 500 40 Mbps 500GB
Rs 700 75 Mbps 1TB
Rs 1075 150 Mbps 2TB
Rs 1325 300 Mbps Unlimited Data (3,330GB)

Is 3300 GB enough for a month?

Yes, its 3,300 GB or 3.3TB. It’s obvious that 3.3TB is a huge amount of data to consume in a month with regular usage but still, there is a cap. Though the cap increases in higher plans starting from Diamond+ which costs Rs. 2,499 and provides 500Mbps of speed.

How can I get free Jio Internet?

How to get free internet on my Jio?

  1. Install the JioTv app on your phone.
  2. Open the app and log in by skip login.
  3. Tap on any channel and watch for a few seconds.
  4. Close the app and wait for the data to credit on your account.