Is Kanga Cup 2021 Cancelled?

COVID Updates After discussions with key stakeholders and government and with community safety in mind, Capital Football has made the decision that the 2021 McDonald’s Kanga Cup will not be held in July 2021. Read the full statement, here.

Where is the Kanga Cup opening ceremony?

John Dunmore Lang Place
The opening ceremony for the 2019 Kanga Cup held at John Dunmore Lang Place on Sunday, July 7, 2019. McDonalds Kanga Cup will be going ahead in 2021! The Opening Ceremony will be begin on the 4th of July, with the first round of games to begin on Monday the 5th.

Is Kanga Cup still on?

New dates have been set for the 2021 McDonald’s Kanga Cup, after it was postponed due to the impacts of COVID-19. The tournament is now scheduled to take place from Saturday, September 25 to Wednesday, September 29, 2021.

Where is Kanga Cup?

Canberra, Australia
The Kanga Cup is a week-long international youth association football tournament held annually in Canberra, Australia during July.

When does the McDonald’s Kanga Cup tournament start?

All teams are invited to our Opening Ceremony to celebrate the beginning of the 2021 McDonald’s Kanga Cup! The tournament has begun, with grand finals at the end of the week!

What are the rules for the Kanga Cup?

The Kanga Cup Information Guide, who may participate, age groups, and much more! Kanga Cup Competition Regulations and Disciplinary Regulations and Procedures. Read more about the McDonald’s Kanga Cup Code of Conduct, and help us uphold the #SpiritoftheCup

Where was the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics held?

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games took place on the evening of Friday 27 July 2012 in the Olympic Stadium, London. As mandated by the Olympic Charter, the proceedings combined the formal ceremonial opening of this international sporting event (including welcoming speeches, hoisting of the flags and the parade of athletes)…

What’s the Code of Conduct for McDonald’s Kanga Cup?

Read more about the McDonald’s Kanga Cup Code of Conduct, and help us uphold the #SpiritoftheCup Stay tuned for information regarding the venues for the 2021 McDonald’s Kanga Cup! About the Kanga Cup, entering a team, the football tournament, and more!