Is Karmanos owned by McLaren?

Karmanos Cancer Institute, headquartered in Detroit and a subsidiary of McLaren Health Care, is the largest cancer research and provider network in Michigan with 15 treatment locations throughout the state.

Who owns Karmanos cancer?

McLaren Health Care Corporation
Karmanos Cancer Institute/Parent organizations

When did McLaren buy Karmanos?

October 30, 2013
The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute and McLaren Health Care signed an agreement October 30, 2013 that will expand access to advanced cancer care in Detroit and communities throughout the state.

When was Karmanos established?

Though the Institute was formally established in 1943 as the Detroit Institute for Cancer Research, our campaign against this disease dates back to late 1863 when Harper Hospital, the Institute’s inpatient facility, was built.

Where is Karmanos?

Karmanos Cancer Institute, headquartered in midtown Detroit, is one of 51 National Cancer Institute-designated comprehensive cancer centers in the United States.

How do you spell Karmanos cancer Center?

The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Center, located in midtown Detroit, is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center in metro Detroit and one of just 51 centers of its kind in the United States.

When did DMC, McLaren and Karmanos merge?

In September 2013, the boards of McLaren and Karmanos agreed to enter into an affiliation agreement in which Karmanos would join 11-hospital McLaren. Karmanos is based on the DMC campus in downtown Detroit.

Why did Karmanos Cancer Institute create my Karmanos chart?

Karmanos Cancer Institute believes in empowering patients to manage their health by providing convenient access to their health information. That’s why we’ve created My Karmanos Chart, a secure online portal where patients can access their medical information and become a partner with us in managing their health.

Where can I create a new Karmanos account?

If you have not recently visited a Karmanos location, you can create a new account by visiting

Where is the Karmanos Cancer Institute in Michigan?

Located in Mount Clemens, Michigan, Karmanos Cancer Institute at McLaren Macomb is the leader in cancer care, treatment, diagnostics and clinical trials for patients and their families. Karmanos is your best chance in the fight against cancer.