Is Marlo furniture still in business?

Marlo is still around, although Lou doesn’t own it anymore. In 2012, he sold the business and the name. But he kept the buildings, including the colossal white flagship in Rockville.

Is Marlo Furniture legit?

I will never recommend Marlo Furniture. I plan to share my experience with all social media platforms. Customers must know that reviews such as my first paragraph is the result of having a great experience selecting and purchasing furniture however delivery and customer service after the sale is less than poor.

Where to buy Marlo furniture in Rockville MD?

Please contact us at [email protected]… I had a great experience at Marlo in Rockville on my most recent visit (I’ll discuss first visit below, which was very different). I came in looking for a specific sofa set a friend had.

Where to buy furniture in Rockville, MD?

We shopped all around Rockville and twice at Marlo before deciding on a beautiful, king-sized mattress and accompanying bed frame with storage at Marlo Furniture. We very much appreciated the… Don’t waste your time or money here. I ordered a bedroom set in July that arrived September 15. The headboard was damaged when it arrived.

Where did Marlo furniture get its name from?

Eight years later, it underwent a name change to Marlo, a combination of the owners first names: Marilyn and Lou. It’s expanded from the original downtown Washington, D.C. location to four locations in Maryland and Virginia, all the while remaining a family business. Today, Marlo has annual sales.

How big is the sofa at Marlo furniture?

Double reclining black leather sofa with the works–light up cup holders, folding middle seat to make a table with more cup holders, plugs, and usb, all built in. It was perfect. It was bigger than my current sofa so Natalie measured it for me and gave me the exact measurements.