Is modest good for Venusaur?

Don’t get me wrong, Mega Venusaur can do amazing damage on his own without the nature, but if you want to go all out attacker then it will be best to choose Modest. But if your Venusaur is not going to be mega, then Modest is definitely the best choice.

What’s the best nature for Venusaur?

Best Nature for Venusaur

Best Natures
Timid (+Spd, -Atk) Modest (+Sp.Atk, -Atk)

Why is Venusaur so good?

Venusaur is an excellent choice for sun teams, as it packs a good Speed tier, offensive stats, and most importantly, bulk. It also has useful moves such as Growth and Sleep Powder to break teams by boosting up or putting a check out of commission. These threats get a free switch into Venusaur and can threaten its team.

Is calm nature good for Venusaur?

Calm is better nature than bold for venusaur.

Is Venusaur a good Pokémon?

With a wonderful moveset following its Community Day, Venusaur may not be the absolute best among the Grass type Pokémon in the game. However, it is definitely the most reliable of the lot. When it comes to PvP in the Great and the Ultra League, it is an absolute beast!

Is frenzy plant an elite TM for Venusaur?

Frenzy Plant is the priority pick for the moveset, and it’s an Elite TM move for anyone who doesn’t already have it. It charges fast, demolishes Water-type Pokemon and can still hit hard against any other Pokemon. Sludge Bomb is always recommended as a second charge attack to have on Venusaur.

Is frenzy plant an elite TM?

The best moves for Venusaur are Vine Whip and Frenzy Plant when attacking Pokémon in Gyms….Defense.

Razor Leaf 15.6 dps
Frenzy Plant Elite TM 46.2 dps

Who is better Charizard or Venusaur?

It can be seen that Charizard is actually the Pokémon that causes the least amount of damage, while Venusaur can deal the greatest amount of damage. Thus, Venusaur can be regarded as the “most potent” starter if we are referring to the sheer amount of damage caused.

Is Venusaur slow?

Venusaur has the lowest base stat total among the three Kanto starter Pokémon. Although the description says that Venusaur runs slower than its other evolutions, its Speed Stat is higher than Bulbasaur and Ivysaur’s.

What is the best nature for blastoise?

Best Nature for Blastoise

Best Natures
Modest (+Sp.Atk, -Atk) Timid (+Spd, -Atk)
Impish (+Def, -Sp.Atk)

Is frenzy plant a legacy move for Venusaur?

Venusaur (Bulbasaur) Frenzy Plant is by far Venusaur’s best grass type charged move in PVP. It is a hard hitting move that charges fairly quickly and will serve you well in many metas.

What’s the best way to use a Venusaur?

Maximum Special Attack and Speed EVs with a Modest nature are used to ensure Venusaur gets the best out of its wallbreaking capabilities. Life Orb is used to further increase Venusaur’s offensive capabilities; the recoil can be ignored, as Giga Drain helps recover from the lost HP.

What’s the best stab move for a Venusaur?

If using Growth, Power Whip is one of the best physical STAB moves Venusaur can get. If you don’t wish to use Growth, Synthesis is great recovery. The Toxic/ Leech Seed combination has been good to Venusaur since Gen1, but Venoshock can take advantage of the Toxic status.

What is a good moveset for Venusaur in Ubers?

Outrage is just the perfect move to hit all those Dragon types the lurk in Ubers. Earthquake it to finish off the steel types that resist Outrage. This dude is just amazing. Sadly, there are flaws. Air Balloon Heatran and Skarmory can easily resist both attacking moves and kill Venasaur off with a STAB move. In the end, who uses Skarmory in Ubers?

What kind of dance set does Venusaur use?

Venusaur can use a Swords Dance set with Power Whip and Earthquake, but its Attack stat prior to setting up is relatively low, and it does not become very threatening even after a boost. Substitute + Leech Seed is also optional, but Whimsicott and Shaymin are better users of those moves due to Prankster and Natural Cure, respectively.