Is Parker guitars out of business?

The Parker company was acquired by the U.S. Music Corporation in 2003, which was itself sold to Jam Industries in August 2009. As of November 2016, the brand was inactive after the factory in Illinois was closed….Parker Guitars.

Type Private
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 1993
Founder Ken Parker
Defunct 2016

Who uses Parker guitars?

Parker Flys have been played by John Lees, Martin Barre, Gustavo Cerati, Adrian Belew, Matthew Bellamy, David Bowie, Carlos Alomar, Steve DeMarchi, Amir Derakh, The Edge, Mark Farner, Reeves Gabrels, Synyster Gates, Daniel Gildenlöw, Phil Keaggy, Brian May, Joni Mitchell, Dan Schafer, Dave Navarro, Lou Reed, Trent …

Are Parker Fly guitars good?

The guitar is ultra light weight and sounds unlike any guitar I’ve ever played. The neck is super comfortable, the frets are fantastic and the vibrato/ piezo system is killer. Unlike other guitars there is no substitute for the Parker Fly, no other company produces anything close to what Parker delivers.

What is a good price to pay for a guitar?

Those who are still fairly new to the guitar should expect to pay between just over $100 and $500 for their instrument, depending on the brand name, the quality of materials and workmanship, and the included accessories. Even at the lower end of that range, guitars should include quality woods like spruce and rosewood.

How do you date a Parker guitar?

The first three digits are the day of the year, the next two are the number in that days production, and the last digit (or two digits) designate the year.

Why do some guitars have no headstock?

Some reasons for going headless are: An important aspect of an ergonomic guitar is low weight. The lack of weight at the headstock means that if the guitar should fall down, there is much less momentum being built up, and the odds of surviving the fall without damage are better.

What guitar does Mark Farner?

Farner still owns the original Musicraft Messenger guitar he used with Grand Funk, while his acoustics include a Guild D-32 and a Gibson J-45. His main guitar for nearly 20 years has been a Parker Fly. “I love it. It made a better guitar player out of me because it’s so precise.

Do headless guitars stay in tune better?

Headless guitars are quite similar as they have no nut, it’s not necessary. You get more similar sounding open and fretted notes as well as improved intonation. Chopping off that headstock means a shorter guitar without sacrificing the scale length.

What guitar has no head?

Kiesel. Kiesel guitars is up there with Strandberg and Steinberger as one of the most recognizable headless brands. While the majority of Kiesel’s instruments have headstocks, the company produces the headless Vader guitars and basses with various amounts of strings, as well as the Allan Holdsworth HH2 signature model.

Why did Grand Funk Railroad break up?

The band split up in 1976, soon after the release of their Frank Zappa-produced ‘Good Singin’, Good Playin’ album. “It was Don Brewer who broke up the band.” Farner said, “He was late to a rehearsal. Finally he walked in and said ‘I’ve got to find something more stable to do with my life. ‘ That was it.

When did Ken Parker guitars start making guitars?

Long story short, we founded Parker Guitars in 1991 in order to realize the Fly Guitar project. We created tools to build the guitars, and established our factory in Massachusetts, where we produced about 30,000 guitars and basses. In 2003, US Music purchased Parker Guitars, and moved the production facilities to the greater Chicago area.

Who is the best price on a Parker guitar?

Call Ed Roman For Best Price On A Parker Guaranteed! When I first laid my hands on a Parker Fly guitar I was blown away. So much so that I had to have one.

Why did my Parker guitar nut come loose?

Solution was new (corian) nut, which has lasted 20 years. 2. Before the nut wore down, it came loose (glue let go) after a 40 minute car ride in summer. It was hot, but the car had AC.

When did the last Parker Fly guitar come out?

The Fly Bass was discontinued in 2008 and Parker currently offers 4 and 5 string basses with the newer MaxxFly shape. The last original Fly guitars, with the balance wheel on the face of the guitar and the four-knob layout, appeared in 2003.