Is Phi a Sigma?

Phi Sigma Society. Welcome to the Phi Sigma Biological Sciences Honor Society Web site. The Phi Sigma Society is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

What does Sigma Sigma Phi mean?

the brotherhood of man
Phi Sigma Sigma (ΦΣΣ), colloquially known as Phi Sig, was the first collegiate nonsectarian sorority to allow membership of women of all faiths and backgrounds. Phi Sigma Sigma was founded to establish to the twin ideals of promoting the brotherhood of man and alleviation of the world’s pain.

What are Phi Sigma Sigma values?

Sharing values, lifelong friendships and belonging to a sisterhood truly defines the Phi Sigma Sigma experience. Our six virtues — Friendship, Faith, Love, Sincerity, Integrity, and Strength — distinguish Phi Sigma Sigma, unite us in our activities and become ingrained in the character of our aspiring women.

How do you get into Phi Sigma Sigma?

Each member of Phi Sigma Sigma is expected to maintain at least a 2.5 or equivalent GPA to be in good standing with the fraternity. Your chapter’s minimum GPA may be higher.

Who can join Phi Sigma Pi?

Who’s Eligible Prospective Members shall be undergraduate students currently enrolled in a program of study at a sheltering institution where there is an active Collegiate Phi Sigma Pi Chapter or where a Collegiate Phi Sigma Pi Chapter is being established.

Is Phi Sigma Panhellenic Sigma?

About Phi Sigma Sigma Phi Sigma Sigma is an international philanthropic and social organization, the first non-sectarian fraternity for women and a proud member of the National Panhellenic Conference.

When was Phi Sigma Sigma established?

November 26, 1913
Phi Sigma Sigma/Founded
Diokete Hupsala. Phi Sigma Sigma was founded by 10 women on November 26, 1913, and is now an international sorority with 60,000 initiated members, 115 collegiate chapters and more than 100 alumnae chapters, clubs and associations across the United States and Canada.

Is Phi Sigma Sigma a good sorority?

Phi Sigma Sigma is a proud, strong member of the fraternity and sorority community because our Founders were leaders of their time. These women wanted a sorority that strived to achieve outstanding scholastic ideals and maintain high social standards, while embracing diversity in membership.

Is Phi Sigma Pi reputable?

Definitely! Phi Sigma Pi takes the best attributes from an Honor Society, a Service Fraternity and a Social Fraternity and blends them into one organization different from all others.

Is joining Phi Sigma Pi worth it?

Overall Phi Sigma Pi has been an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get involved on campus and values scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. Our Fall Rush is coming up in a few weeks and if you have any questions about anything about the Fraternity feel free to ask anyone in it.