Is pinhole gum surgery available in UK?

It involves a small puncture hole in the gum with no need for any cutting and stitching. It’s only been in use in Britain in the last 2 years and was developed by John Chao, a U.S. dentist.

How much does pinhole surgery cost?

How Much Does Pinhole Surgery cost? The Pinhole Surgical procedures costs $2,500 per quadrant (Upper Left, Upper Right, Lower Left, Lower Right). This includes the consultation, preparation, membrane, and post-op visits.

Who qualifies for pinhole surgery?

Who is a candidate for PST? Anyone experiencing receding gums may be a candidate for pinhole surgery; however, your referring PST periodontist (after an initial and thorough one-on-one evaluation) will determine if the procedure is right for your patient.

How successful is pinhole gum surgery?

While there is some risk involved in undergoing any procedure, the Pinhole Surgical Technique has an extremely high success rate of over 90%. This is an equivalent success rate compared to the traditional gum grafting method.

Is pinhole surgery covered by insurance?

Because Pinhole Surgery is a periodontal procedure, most insurance plans will cover it. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider prior to having the procedure done.

Is pinhole gum surgery permanent?

How long will the repairs last? The Pinhole Technique is a permanent gum line correction. Although aging, genetics and over-brushing of the gum line are known to be factors in a receding gum line.

How painful is pinhole surgery?

The procedure should be pain free. The procedure itself is non-invasive, and requires no suturing, so there should be only mild discomfort afterward. If you have further concerns about pain, or are experiencing anxiety about your appointment, talk to us about our sedation dentistry options.

How long does pinhole surgery take?

In most cases, the treatment can be completed in a single visit. It takes approximately 10-20 minutes to treat the tissue for a single tooth.

What happens after pinhole gum surgery?

It is common to experience some swelling or tenderness in the gums for the first 24 hours after visiting our office. Since there is no need for a tissue graft, many patients experience an incredibly quick recovery – it only takes about a day for the pinholes created during this gum treatment to heal.

Is pinhole surgery permanent?

Pinhole surgery is a permanent solution to gum recession. While some patients can see slight changes over the years due to genetics, most patients will see positive results over their lifetime.

How much does pinhole surgical technique cost?

According to the official website of Erik P Svans, DDS, he noted the average cost of the pinhole surgical technique is anywhere from $600 to $1,400 per tooth, and the costs will greatly depend on the number of teeth being treated at the time. The severity of the situation, according to his FAQ page,…

Will pinhole surgery cure gum disease?

The Pinhole Surgical Technique helps restore the shape of your gums, but it doesn’t cure your gums of disease . If you are interested in undergoing pinhole surgery, it’s important that you maintain good oral health habits. These include brushing and flossing daily, and keeping an eye out for recurring symptoms.

How long does it take gum grafting to heal?

Generally, it will take somewhere from one to two weeks to fully heal after having a gum graft procedure. For faster recovery, it is important to stay away from tiring physical exercise. Your diet should also be modified to help with the healing.

Why are my gums receding all of a sudden?

Receding gums may be caused by a number of factors, including: aggressive brushing over the long term. hardened plaque buildup (tartar) smoking. hormonal changes in women. family history of gum disease. diabetes. HIV.