Is Sephora still taking returns? Returns to Store Location Visit any free standing Sephora store to return a new or gently used item purchased from or a third-party marketplace within 60 days of purchase. Please bring your Sephora original packing slip with you, as well as the credit or debit card you used to place your order.

What is Sephora Canada return policy?

Any new or gently used items accompanied by a receipt but returned 31 to 60 days after your original purchase date (or 30 days from the store re-opening if currently closed) will be refunded in the form of a Sephora Canada merchandise credit or we will gladly offer to you a product exchange.

Can you return half used products to Sephora?

Sephora will accept returns for any gently used products.

Can you return products to Sephora without a receipt?

Officially, Sephora allows returns, both opened and unopened, within 60 days of purchase, and items without a receipt are accepted in exchange for store credit. Sephora is dedicated to providing all of our customers with an excellent shopping experience.

Can you return something to Sephora without the box?

You do not need the box. You also do not need the recipt if you are a Beauty member. They will simply give you store credit.

What does returned and paid mean Sephora?

Re: What does “returned and paid” status mean on an order? @Shania1701 That is the status you see when an order has been refunded. I will be happy to check on this for you and will sent you a PM.

Do you need a receipt to return to Sephora?

How often does Ulta do 20% off?

Ulta offers 20% off coupons every three to four months, but Ultamate Rewards members get them more frequently. It varies whether it’s 20% off an entire purchase or 20% off one qualifying item. Regardless, the 20% coupons appear more frequently around year-end holidays.

How do I get a receipt from Sephora?

If you purchased it online, you can find your order invoice online by logging into your account at Once you are signed in, please click on “Orders” listed under “MY ACCOUNT”. Click on the order number and print.

Where do Sephora returns go?

It features comments from former and current Sephora employees, and luckily, they shared their experiences with the return process. An associate from a Sephora inside a JCPenney said products that are returned unused go back on the shelf. If a product is lightly used, it can’t be resold.