Is Superwinch a good brand?

The Superwinch is a solid winch. Also fairly slow in comparison to the HS9500. Did well with Steel wire… doing well with synthetic. I have used it for some very significant pulls.

Who makes Superwinch winches?

Westin is pleased to announce that we have added Superwinch to our family of quality automotive products. Superwinch has been a global market leader and manufacturer of electric and hydraulic winches and accessories for over 45 years and the tradition will now continue.

Where are Superwinch winches made?

All but one of our truck winch models has a final point of assembly of Clackamas, Oregon. They are made with parts from the USA and around the world. Some parts, including our gears, come into our building as raw steel, and leave inside our winches. In addition, nearly all of our mounting systems are made in the USA.

Where is Superwinch tiger shark made?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎Superwinch
Model ‎1595201
Item Weight ‎61 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎20.83 x 6.3 x 9.23 inches
Country of Origin ‎China

What is free spooling clutch?

Free Spooling Clutch: The clutch allows the operator to manually disengage (“CLUTCH OUT”) the spooling drum from the gear train, free spool. Engaging the clutch (“CLUTCH IN”) locks the winch into the gear system.

Do you winch in neutral?

But, when you are winching someone else, not yourself, your automatic transmission should be in Neutral and your foot on the brake. Likewise, if you are winching another vehicle, that other vehicle should be in Drive to assist with the winch recovery, too.

Which Warn winches are made in China?

The Warn VR line is fully made in China.

Why does my winch only work in one direction?

The cable is supposed to be wound in one direction only, you should unspool it and put it back in the propper direction. DC motors run backwards when the polarity is reversed, but not as efficient. The winch will be timed to be strongest and use less electricity in its proper direction.

What does a clutch do on a winch?

A winch clutch is an important component located inside the winch that locks the motor shaft to the brake assembly preventing the spool from unwinding when the motor stops.