Is The Full Monty movie a musical?

The Full Monty is a musical with book by Terrence McNally and score by David Yazbek.

Is The Full Monty on Netflix?

Watch The Full Monty on Netflix Today!

How much did the full monty cost?

35 million USD
3.5 million USD
The Full Monty/Budget

What is a full Monty show?

Based on the hit film of the same name, The Full Monty, a ten-time Tony Award nominee, is filled with honest affection and engaging melodies. Not to mention the most highly anticipated closing number of any show.

Who was Jean in The Full Monty?

Lesley Sharp
The Full Monty (1997) – Lesley Sharp as Jean – IMDb.

Who is the boy in the Full Monty?

Actor William Snape
Actor William Snape still identifies himself with his work in the smash hit comedy, calling himself the “Full Monty lad” on Twitter. The star, who goes by Wim, played 11-year-old Nathan in the British comedy about a group of working class men who, down on their luck, decide to strip for cash.

Where can we watch The Full Monty?

Right now you can watch The Full Monty on Hulu Plus or Showtime. You are able to stream The Full Monty by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu.

Is Full Monty on Netflix UK?

Sorry, The Full Monty is not available on British Netflix.

What does the full monty mean in UK?

everything which is necessary, appropriate or possible
The full monty (or the full Monty) is a British slang phrase of uncertain origin. It means “everything which is necessary, appropriate or possible; ‘the works'”.

How much did the Full Monty film cast get paid?

SHAME ON ALL OF THEM!” A third blasted the decision to pay for the stars to take part, writing on Twitter: “Sickened the Real Full Monty ladies got paid 10k each. All about raising profiles not money and awareness some of us would do it free.”

Who choreographed the full monty?

choreographer Todd McKenney
This 1hr25m documentary takes you behind the scenes as these at-times-reluctant performers, with the help of as choreographer Todd McKenney, prepare to bare all in front of a live audience of thousands and a TV audience of over a million!

Who’s in the all new Monty?

WATCH: All New Monty: Sneak peek From Danielle Spencer and Sam Frost to Samuel Johnson and Orpheus Pledger, here are the stars stripping off next month to raise awareness for men’s and women’s cancers.