Is the Numark NS7iii discontinued?

This month, Numark discontinues the NS7iii with no plan to replace it. The NS7 dynasty comes to an end. If you’ve been eyeing the NS7iii or simply want a motorized option at the cost of a single motorized player in 2020, now is the time. Once these are gone, they’re gone.

Is serato compatible with Numark idj3?

The Numark NS6, Vestax VCI‑400 and Pioneer DDJ‑WeGO are now supported as Serato DJ controllers.

How do I update Numark NS7II firmware?

Firmware Update Procedure

  1. Download the NS7II Firmware Updater for Windows or Mac and run the installer.
  2. Open the NS7II Firmware Updater app once installed.
  3. Upon opening, press the Update Firmware button. The installer will perform the update at this point.

How do I connect my Numark iDJ3 to Virtual DJ?


  1. Connections. Connect the iDJ3 with your computer using the provided USB cable.
  2. Drivers. Install the required drivers from
  3. VirtualDJ. Install VirtualDJ 8 from (in case you have not done already)

Can I use Numark Mixtrack with Virtual DJ?

Many users of the Numark Mixtrack Pro choose to use Virtual DJ as their performance software of choice. Although the setup process requires relatively little configuration, there are a few key points to note to ensure that everything works correctly.

What software does Numark Party Mix use?

Serato DJ Lite
Party Mix includes Serato DJ Lite and can be downloaded from our website. You have absolute control with Party Mix on how you want to mix, blend, loop, add effects and sample.

What software does Numark Mixtrack use?

Serato DJ Intro
Mixtrack Pro comes with Serato DJ Intro, powerful software which makes it easy to mix your favorite music. Plus, Traktor LE is included in Europe and Asia. Mixtrack Pro lets you create professional sounding mixes at home or at live performances at parties, functions and clubs.

How do I reset my Numark NS7II?

Numark NS7II Calibration

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from the NS7’s USB port.
  2. Power on the NS7II while holding down SYNC on the right deck.
  3. Set each deck’s PitchSliders to the minimum position.
  4. Press the left deck SYNC button.
  5. Set each deck’s PitchSliders to the maximum position.
  6. Press the left deck SYNC button.

Does serato support Numark?

Whether your music is on CDs, MP3 CDs, USB flash drives, iPod, your computer, or even other analog players, you can mix and perform with it all using the Numark Mixdeck.

What can I do with a Numark idj3?

You can scratch, mix, loop, and much, much more. iDJ3 also has all the inputs and outputs you’ll need for your headphones, speakers, and a mic. Plus, iDJ3 is portable, so you can grab it and go, ready to DJ anywhere.

Where can I find how to guides for Numark?

You can find, how-to guides, video tutorials, and answers to commonly asked questions, in our knowledgebase. Driver and software update installers are available for download from each product page.

Can you use an idj3 as a DJ?

DJ with your computer, your iPod, or both! iDJ3 is a complete DJ system that works with the music on your Mac or PC – and your iPod. It’s designed to directly connect to your computer so you can mix your favorite tracks with performance DJ controls.