Is the read and react offense any good?

4.0 out of 5 starsRead and React Offense Works! Great basketball offensive system. I use it with younger players and they do not have to learn plays which makes it much easier for them to understand.

How do you read and react?

In the Read and React, the player with the ball initiates the action, while the other four players must react to the ball handler. These movements without the ball are crucial to the success of the offense and must be drilled regularly.

What is a Laker cut?

Laker cut HIGH – When a pass is made into the post the passer cuts above the post, usually through the elbow. Laker cut LOW – When a pass is made to the post the passer cuts below the post or baseline side.

What is the read and react indicator?

Read & React When guarding the ball, defensive players will see a small arrow under the ball handler, indicating where they’re leaning or attempting to go. The arrow shows up at different times based on the defender’s abilities, modeling the different reaction times between a poor defender and a great one.

What is a read and react offense?

The Read & React Offense was developed by Coach Rick Torbett. He created an offense made up of many layers based around players being able to read the action of their teammates and react accordingly. It is a system of two-player reads that ties into a seamless five-player offense.

Why are V cuts used in basketball?

The V-Cut is commonly used by wing players during a man-to-man defense when they want to shake a defender around the perimeter. It is most effective when you begin outside of the three-point line.

What is the read and react system on 2k21?

What is V cut in basketball?

V-cutting requires body-to-body contact by players. They are executed by walking the defender a couple of feet inside the 3-point line, planting your foot, and then exploding out to receive the ball. It works because the defense’s reaction time won’t be quick enough to stop the player from receiving the pass.

Who are the players in the read and react offense?

The Read and React offense simplifies positions to only two. Players are either perimeter or post players. All players should know the roles of a perimeter player, as they are the foundation that makes the offense work. Secondly, the Read & React offense considers anyone who catches the ball in the post area as a post player,

How does read and react work in basketball?

Read and React does not work like this, so sometimes the learning curve is high. The many layers of the offense can sometimes take a while to get through depending on the skill level of your team. Players may get frustrated and want to move onto the next layer of movement before they have mastered the previous ones.

What does Rick Torbett mean by read and react?

Rick Torbett sums up the Read and React as follows: “Ultimately the Read and React is just offense. It is a principled framework out of which players can play. It is a series of two man reads that can be drilled into habit, and those two man reads can be built seamlessly into a five man offense.”

Do you have to master each layer of read and react?

Coaches choosing the Read and React should be aware that it will take time to master. Players must master one layer before moving on to the next, and that may not be a fast process, particularly for beginning players. However, the benefit of this approach is that the offense will build and progress over time. b.