Is the RTA theory test hard?

The UAE Theory Test is hard. Hundreds of questions to learn, in over a dozen categories. There’s almost a 50% fail rate. Our question bank covers everything you need to know to pass the RTA theory test.

How many questions are on the Dubai RTA theory test?

The RTA Theory Test has two segments and 35 questions. The Passing Marks is 65%, so you need to score 23 out of 35 marks to pass the RTA Driving Licence Written Exam. Recommended: RTA Dubai Theory Test Questions and Answers.

What is RTA theory test?

A RTA Dubai theory test will test your knowledge on road preparation and how well you know Dubai’s traffic rules and regulations. Moreover, it readies you for traffic risks and instances when you encounter road emergencies.

What questions are asked in a driving theory test?

The answers

  • 1) When is it okay to undertake a vehicle?
  • 2) In good conditions, what’s the typical stopping distance at 70 mph?
  • 3) You’re driving down a long, steep hill.
  • 4) At a pelican crossing, what must you do when the amber light is flashing?
  • 5) You take the wrong route and find you’re on a one-way street.

How do I pass my theory test first time?

10 tips on how to pass your theory test

  1. Book your theory test.
  2. Hit the books.
  3. Brush up on your hazard spotting.
  4. Put in the hours.
  5. Take a mock test.
  6. Leave plenty of time.
  7. Don’t forget your provisional licence photocard.
  8. Use the practice time.

How do I pass my RTA theory test?

The following are ten tips on how to pass the RTA Dubai driving theory test:

  1. Get the Dubai RTA application.
  2. Spend Adequate Practice Time.
  3. Learn to Listen.
  4. Read the Dubai RTA driving Handbook.
  5. Flagging.
  6. Go to the Website.
  7. Utilize Your Practice Time.
  8. Arrive before Time.

What is pass mark on theory test?

The Theory Test pass mark is 86%, so you’ll need to answer 43 out of 50 multiple choice questions correctly to pass. The questions will cover topics that include alertness, attitude, safety, road signs, and much more.

How hard is your theory test?

The pass mark for the theory test is 86%. To pass the multiple-choice section, you need to answer 43 out of 50 questions correctly. There will be a time limit of 57 minutes. As the test is completed digitally, you will get an opportunity to practise on a few sample questions before the exam begins.

Do most people pass theory test first time?

When you look at who will pass the car Theory Test the first time, 50.3% of 26-year-old males had the highest individual first-time pass rate, and 42.7% of 18-year-old girls pass the first time….

Year Males Females
2018/2019 45.6% 49.1%

How difficult is theory test?

How long is theory test time?

How long does the theory test take? You’ve got 1 hour and 20 minutes (57 minutes for the multiple choice questions) to complete your driving theory test, although some people finish it sooner.