Is the Sony Alpha A99 a DSLR camera?

Sony Alpha SLT-A99 In-Depth Review. 1 Introduction. The Sony SLT-A99 is the Japanese camera maker’s flagship model, aimed squarely at DSLR enthusiasts who will settle for nothing less than a full frame sensor in a rugged body with a plethora of external and customizable controls.

What kind of viewfinder does Sony A99 have?

The Sony A99 is a mirrorless or EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable-Lens) camera. It has a permanently attached half-silvered mirror to help the AF system, but it has no flipping reflex mirror and no reflex viewing screen for direct optical reflex image viewing as offered in real SLRs and DSLRs.

How does face recognition work on Sony A99?

Superb autofocus system and color rendition for family and people pictures. Face Recognition automatically takes command when it sees a face, tracks it all over the frame, and nails focus on the eyeballs perfectly, even if the face is behind something!

What are the specs of the Sony SLT-A99?

Sony SLT-A99 key specifications: 24MP full-frame CMOS Sensor with on-chip phase detection AF. Fixed-mirror design SLT. 2.4M dot OLED electronic viewfinder. 14-bit Raw output. ISO 100-25,600. Up to 6 frame-per-second continuous shooting with AF. ISO-compatible flash hotshoe with ‘multi interface’ expansion connector.

What kind of viewfinder does the Sony A99 use?

The A99 is based around Sony’s SLT design – a variant on the DSLR concept that uses an electronic viewfinder (EVF), rather than an optical one.

Which is better a7r II or A99 II?

The A99 II may use a similar sensor to the A7R II but the slow-mo capabilities are far better because of the new front-end LSI. The faster processor is able to take an intelligently sub-sampled 1080p image off the 42MP full frame sensor at 120fps whereas the A7R II only managed a brutally line-skipped 720p.