Is the Wounded Warrior Project legitimate?

Is Wounded Warrior Project a scam? No. There are several defamatory blog postings on the internet — along with various email chains – which claim WWP is a scam. Despite the recent removal of many articles originating the false information, rumors and falsehoods continue to circulate and surface online.

What does Wounded Warriors do?

The WWP mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses, or wound, co-incident to your military service on or after September 11, 2001. You may also be eligible for the program if you are the family member or caregiver of a Wounded Warrior.

What is Project Odyssey?

Project Odyssey® is a 12-week mental health program that uses adventure-based learning to help warriors manage and overcome their invisible wounds, enhance their resiliency skills, and empower them to live productive and fulfilling lives.

What percentage of donations does Wounded Warrior give?

What percentage of my donation goes directly to Wounded Warriors? 100% of your donation supports wounded warriors. 71% pays for programs, and the balance pays to support those programs.

Where is Project Odyssey located?

Wounded Warrior Project | Project Odyssey – SAN DIEGO – County of San Diego, California.

How much does the CEO of disabled veterans make?

$550,524: J Mark Burgess, National Adjutant/CEO/Secretary.

Is Dav a good charity to give to?

DAV is an accredited charity by all the standards of the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance and is completely transparent with financials and tax returns. Our annual report shows the scope of our accomplishments on behalf of veterans.

How does the Wounded Warrior Project help veterans?

Wounded Warrior Project Helping Communities Prevent Suicide. JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Sept. 5, 2019 — It is estimated 20 veterans die by suicide every day across the nation. To help reduce veteran suicide, Wounded Warrior Project ® (WWP) is working with local communities to train individuals for possible interventions.

Where is Wounded Warrior Project headquarters in Florida?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Nov. 15, 2019 — On the doorstep of Wounded Warrior Project ® (WWP) headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, thousands of supporters recently participated in WWP’s Carry Forward® 5K, delivered by CSX ®.

Do you pay a penny for Wounded Warrior Project?

What’s more, thanks to the tremendous support of our donors, you never pay a penny to get the help you need to build the future you deserve. “It’s been one of the best things for me. Wounded Warrior Project enabled me to do things I would have never been able to do on my own.” HOW CAN I FIND HELP?

Who is Bill Geiger in the Wounded Warrior Project?

As Manny Colón saw his dream of a lifelong military career in the United States Army come to an unexpected halt, he slowly became entangled in a nightmare of bitterness and depression. Read Manny’s story. When Bill Geiger returned to civilian life after two deployments with the United States Army, he was a changed man.