Is there a Smart Car Owners Club?

Smart Car Owners Club or SCOC is a owners club for the awesomely funky Smart Cars. Whether you drive a Fortwo, Forfour, or Roadster; you can joi… Only members can see who’s in the group and what they post. Anyone can find this group.

Why was the Smart Roadster discontinued?

However, some Smart Roadsters leaked and production ceased due to the warranty work and other costs reaching an average of €3000 per vehicle. While a critical success, the Smart Roadster was, due to these costs, an economic failure for the company.

Are Smart Roadsters any good?

Smart Roadster rivals Despite its sporty looks, it’s not actually very quick – but that’s not the appeal. It’s light, handles superbly and is fun to chuck around corners; the low-slung driving position gives you a feeling of being in the thick of the action – just like a true sports car should.

Are Smart Roadsters fast?

With a top speed of 112 mph, the Smart roadster-coupé takes joint fifth place.

How safe is a Smart Roadster?

Given the level of safety provided by the Tridion cell, the smart roadster should provide at least decent protection in the event of a crash. Although the car was never tested by Euro NCAP, every smart roadster features ESP and ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution as standard.

How safe are smart cars?

The answer is a definitive, YES. SMART cars are safe, and here’s why. SMART cars have a Tridion safety cell – a structure that surrounds the vehicles’ occupants and acts as a strong protective cage, preventing any distortions and keeping those inside intact in the event of an accident.

Is the real Smart Car owners club in the UK?

A club that is growing and growing in size, not only in the UK but wherever your Smart has landed in the world. Spread the word and be Smart. A group of like minded people, doing like minded things!!

Is the Smart Racing Club a registered trademark?

The smart logo (c) 2019 DaimlerUK Ltd. thesmartclub is a brand of thesmartclub ltd. Company Number SC259434, Registered in Scotland, UK – see ‘Contact Us’ for full details. thesmartclub logo and “the place for all things smart” are trademarks of thesmartclub ltd.

How many members are there on smartmaniacs forums?

Please use the subject line to state what model of car they are for There are currently 39 users online. 0 members and 39 guests. Most users ever online was 760 at 09:57 AM on 27-01-20.