Is there an English dub for Wakfu?

Wakfu: The Animated Series is a French animated television series produced by Ankama Animation, based on the video game Wakfu. A Kickstarter campaign to produce an English-language dub of the series was launched in January 2014. …

Is wakfu in English?


Is wakfu finished?

Wakfu is an animated action, fantasy, comedy-drama, and adventure genre series which was created by Anthony Roux. On May 7, 2020, Ankama announced that season 4 will be the final chapter of this series, and the production was launched on June 8, 2020.

Will wakfu have a Season 4?

The writers of this series declared that the fourth season will be the final part of this series. Wakfu season 4 is still continuing.

Is Dally really dead Wakfu?

In the second season, it is revealed that Sir Percedal survived. As Rubilax had spared him of death by taking his soul from his body instead of simply rescuing Percedal, Rubilax instead placed his own soul in Percedal’s body and placed his soul inside the sword.

How old is Yugo Wakfu?

Yugo is the main protagonist of the Wakfu: The Animated Series. He is a good natured 12-year-old Eliatrope and a brother of dragon Adamaï.

Is Dally really dead wakfu?

What age is wakfu for?

Games in general are for everyone, certain games do have requirements in age like in adult-only games (18+) at least for westerners. Wakfu is a pg-13 game that should be revised to fit modern sociological thinking. Yes, wakfu the series has child-like characters that are considered pg-13 at first glance.

What is under Yugo’s hat in Wakfu?

Under the hat In the very last episode of the second season, Yugo removes his hat while in the timeless dimension, followed by all of the lost Eliatrope children. The viewer can finally see that Eliatropes have small wings on their head, made of pure Wakfu.

How old is Dally Wakfu?

Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove (called Tristepin de Percedal in French dub) or Dally for short, is one of the main characters of the Wakfu: The Animated Series. He is a 16-year-old Iop who shows that he has strength rather than smarts.

Is Yugo a God?

They both along with the other 10 consul members are direct descendants of the goddess Eliatrope and the Great dragon while the rest of their people are not. In game there is God-King finisher (older Yugo), so that makes sense for me.

What’s under Yugo’s hat?

Are there going to be season 2 of Wakfu?

We can now confirm that the 2 WAKFU seasons in English are coming soon! And maybe even more surprises… Thanks to you and fans all over the world, the WAKFU Animated Series will soon be dubbed in English and accessible to all our American friends. But that’s not all… because we have now reached the 3rd Stretch goal of $200.000 CAD !

Is the Wakfu manga series available in English?

The special episodes of Nox and Ogrest will also be dubbed. All your heroes will also be subtitled in French, English and Spanish! The WAKFU mangas will be available on Comixology! The Blu-Ray available in this Kickstarter campaign will also contain French audio.

Who are the characters in the movie Wakfu?

Wakfu 1 The Child from the Mist 23m Young Yugo’s life is forever changed when he discovers that he can create teleportation… 2 Yugo the Eliatrope 22m Yugo, Percedal and Ruel enter the Forbidden Forest, looking for a way to cure a mysterious… 3 The Black Crow More

How old is Yugo in the movie Wakfu?

Yugo, a 12-year-old Eliatrope with special powers, sets out on a mission to find his true family and uncover the mysteries of Wakfu. Watch all you want. When 12-year-old Yugo discovers that he has mysterious powers, he journeys into a wondrous new world to find his real family.