Is there romance in storm and silence?

There is romance obviously but is not the main aspect of the book. The book focus more on the mystery and danger that is Mr. Ambrose’s business and Lilly’s effort to maintain her position as his private secretary since he’s trying so hard to find a way into her quitting her job. Although Lilly is attracted to Mr.

What is the order of the storm and silence series?

Storm and Silence2016
In the Eye of the Storm2016Silence is Golden2017Silence Breaking2018Hunting for Silence2019
Storm and Silence Saga/Books

Is storm and silence published?

March 19, 2016
Storm and Silence/Originally published

How many pages is storm and silence?

885 pages
“What,” I thought, “have I done!” This book has 885 pages and an estimated reading time of 9 hours and 13 minutes.

How many books is storm and silence?

5 Books
Storm and Silence Saga Book Series (5 Books)

Who is Lillian Linton?

Lillian “Lilly” Ambrose (née Linton) is the protagonist and heroine of the Storm and Silence series, with the story being mostly narrated from her perspective. Lilly’s main goal in life is always to fight for equal rights for women. After an unforgettable first encounter with Mr Ambrose, her life changes drastically.

What happens in storm and silence?

The story follows the adventures of Lilly Linton, a fiery feminist living in 19th-century London, determined to earn her freedom and independence when her life is turned upside down after a chance encounter with the ruthless financial business magnate, Mr Ambrose.

Does Barnes and Noble have Storm and silence?

Storm and Silence by Robert Thier | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

Where is Rikkard Ambrose from?

Northern England
Mr Ambrose was born to the Marquess Ambrose and his wife, Lady Samantha. He lived with his parents and his younger sister, Lady Adaira on an estate called Battlewood in Northern England, a few miles away from the Scottish border.

How old is Mr Ambrose?

Alankrita He is in his twenties. Lilly stated that he was no older than 25 in the sequel. Mhacy Arellano He is in mid twenties as Lilly stated in the sequel.

How many storm and silence books are there?

eight books
Storm and Silence is a historical fiction and romance book series written by Robert Thier. As of 2018, there are eight books in the entire series canonically.

What does Rikkard Ambrose look like?

Mr Ambrose is described as a tall, lean and extremely attractive English man on numerous occasions throughout the series. He has short black hair and a pale complexion, with a clean-shaven face consisting of angular, chiseled features.

Who is Robert Thier Wattpad in storm and silence?

In a world where women’s only role in life is to sit at home and look pretty, Lilly is determined to fight for her freedom. There’s only one problem: a powerful man blocking her way. 01. Arrested for Good Manners 02. Ape Bobby 03. Who He Really Is 04. Sweet and Solid 05. Driving Me Wild (ly) 06. Empire House 07. His Indecent Demands 08.

Who are the characters in storm and silence?

Storm and Silence 1 Arrested for Good Manners 2 Ape Bobby 3 Who He Really Is 4 Sweet and Solid 5 Driving Me Wild (ly) 6 Empire House 7 His Indecent Demands 8 Inventing a Sibling and Getting Poked in the Eye 9 File Fight 10 The Worst Fate Imaginable

Who is Rickard Ambrose in storm and silence?

This story tells about Mr Rickard Ambrose’s POV from Storm and silence series by Robert Thier. I wrote this according to my own image of Mr Ambrose after reading the who… This is a fanfiction, considering that anything from this account will be fanfiction. All credit goes to the marvelous author @RobThier, for creating a masterpiece such…

What do you see in storm and silence?

Unluckily Unlocked 68. Looking for Truffles and Butterflies 69. Seeing Stars 70. A Trace of Fire brings the Winter 71. I Polish my Housebreaking-Skills 72. Unreal Dream of a Really Wonderful Nightmare 73.