Is Wallburg NC safe?

Is Wallburg, NC Safe? The A- grade means the rate of crime is lower than the average US city. Wallburg is in the 78th percentile for safety, meaning 22% of cities are safer and 78% of cities are more dangerous.

Is Wallburg NC A good place to live?

Wallburg Reviews It’s a beautiful town and many long-time residents know each other well. There are some residents who are obnoxious and the safety of roads is sub-par, but that can come in any neighborhood. It is certainly more pleasant than a large city.

What county is wallburg NC?

Davidson County

When was Wallburg Elementary built?

School history: Opened in 1925; formerly Liberty Piedmont Institute; added five classrooms, 1952; razed old building, 1960; additions in 1961, 1967; preparing to build more classrooms in 1993.

What is the zip code for Wallburg NC?

Wallburg/Zip codes

Is Wallburg NC A town?

Wallburg is a town in Davidson County, North Carolina, United States. It was incorporated in 2004. As of the 2010 census it had a population of 3,047.

Is Davidson County Schools going back?

Both Davidson County Schools and Thomasville City Schools will be returning to full capacity, face-to-face learning in a classroom within several weeks. Thank you for supporting local journalism through your subscription to The Dispatch.

What county is Winston Salem NC 27107?

Forsyth County

What time does friendship elementary school start?

School Hours

7:30 am School Opens
7:50 am Bell Rings to Report to Class
8:00 am Tardy Bell; Class Begins
11:15 am Half Day Mark
2:35 pm Dismissal

Where is Wallburg located in North Carolina United States?

Geography. Wallburg is located in northeastern Davidson County at 36°0′36″N 80°8′22″W. It is bordered to the north by Forsyth County. The town is largely along North Carolina Highway 109, about 10 miles (16 km) southeast of Winston-Salem and the same distance northwest of High Point, between the intersections with Gumtree Road…

Where is Wallburg high school in Wallburg located?

Wallburg is located in the Wallburg Elementary, Oak Grove Middle School, and Ledford Senior High school districts. In 2017, the Wallburg high school district will be changed to the Oak Grove High School district, which will be located across the street from Oak Grove Middle School .

What to do at Wallburg elementary for the summer?

Summer Learning Checklist! Keep your skills sharp over summer by completing weekly activities for chances to win PRIZES! Click here! Parents/Guardians of upcoming Kindergarten students, watch this virtual tour of Wallburg Elementary! Wallburg Lions show R.O.A.R.S behavior inside and outside of school!