Reasons Why You Need User Onboarding Software from Experts

From social media to mobile applications, user onboarding has become a popular way to introduce your users to a new user interface. With the right solution for onboarding your users, you won’t need to do extensive customer service work, and there will be no looking back either. A good user onboarding software will give you a perfect solution to offer brilliant support to your users. But you must be wondering why you actually need it. Here, we are discussing a few reasons for using such a software.

You want your users to quickly become familiar with your new feature: This is the most common reason why app owners use user onboarding tools. They work as excellent icebreakers that can soften the first-hand experience for your app. With this purpose, you can have a tour that is temporary in nature. Once your users show a grasp of your app’s key elements, you can withdraw the guiding tour and leave the user alone.

You are regularly making changes in your app: If you are an app owner, it is not uncommon to bring some changes in your workflow. However, these modifications may confuse your users, and that is why it becomes important to guide them through a user onboarding tool. This onboarding tool may give them an idea about what changes will be brought in the app, and let that tour stay available as you roll out the change.

Your application has multiple steps that are not that obvious: Although an app is acceptable only if it has a linear flow, some of them have several paths available for the users, and most of the times they have multiple user interfaces. In such a situation, a user onboarding tool will be helpful in grounding the user about the basics and minimizing stress while they are trying to explore the new feature of your application.

You have a complex feature that you want to simplify: If you have a complex feature that most users find confusing, then you can add a guided tour to simplify the task for your users. Although this is not a permanent solution, it can give you some time to keep your users engaged while you fix the issue.

You want to bring attention to other parts of your application: Sometimes, user onboarding tools aim at pushing users out of their comfort zones and educate them about other features of your product too. There must be some parts of your app that your users have not yet explored. These user onboarding tools can be helpful in making them aware of these parts, so that they can make best use out of your product.

With all these reasons, you need to look out for an enterprise grade solution that can offer a complete set of features suitable for your application needs. User onboarding software from offers some great features for boosting user engagement, especially for application users. Setting it up is quite simple and the product gives a number of features to boost user retention in certain parts of the application.