Should I use sudo for make install?

If you are in doubt, almost certainly the answer is you should not use sudo. Each time you try sudo make install you expose your system to potential bugs, as root.

What is configure make make install?

There are three distinct steps in this process:

  1. Configure the software. The configure script is responsible for getting ready to build the software on your specific system.
  2. Build the software. Once configure has done its job, we can invoke make to build the software.
  3. Install the software.

What is make install in Linux?

When you do “make install”, the make program takes the binaries from the previous step and copies them into some appropriate locations so that they can be accessed. Unlike on Windows, installation just requires copying some libraries and executables and there is no registry requirement as such.

Why make then make install?

When make is called with no parameters, it runs the first target, which usually simply compiles the project. make install maps to the install target, which usually does nothing more than copy binaries into their destinations.

What is sudo make command?

Since sudo command runs the command you pass it as root, it means that the make command has super-user privileges. This means that if the makefile is malicious, or any of the scripts it may call is malicious, then it could compromise your system. In short, if you don’t trust the software, don’t install it.

How do you uninstall sudo make install?

If sudo make uninstall is unavailable: In a Debian based system, instead of (or after*) doing make install you can run sudo checkinstall to make a . deb file that gets automatically installed. You can then remove it using the system package manager (e.g. apt / synaptic / aptitude / dpkg ).

How do you install configure in Linux?

Your general installation procedure will therefore be:

  1. Read the README file and other applicable docs.
  2. Run xmkmf -a, or the INSTALL or configure script.
  3. Check the Makefile .
  4. If necessary, run make clean, make Makefiles, make includes, and make depend.
  5. Run make.
  6. Check file permissions.
  7. If necessary, run make install.

Where is configure in Linux?

usually configure is in the top directory after you extracted the source of a package. so after unpacking, you have to cd into the newly created folder, and thats where configure should be.

What does sudo make install?

By definition, if you are doing make install that means you are making a local install, and if you need to do sudo make install that means you don’t have permission to wherever you are writing.

Is make installed on Linux?

Make is not a program you need to download. it’s a utility that comes integrated into nearly every distribution of linux.

What is Linux make command?

The Linux make command is used to build and maintain groups of programs and files from the source code. In Linux, it is one of the most frequently used commands by the developers. The main motive of the make command is to determine a large program into parts and to check whether it needs to be recompiled or not.

What is sudo Ldconfig?

ldconfig is a program that is used to maintain the shared library cache. This cache is typically stored in the file /etc/ and is used by the system to map a shared library name to the location of the corresponding shared library file.