What are all the vehicles in Lego Marvel superheroes?

Vehicles | Maps LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Guide

  • 1 – S.H.I.E.L.D. Jetfighter. Destroy all crates lying near the wall and use Spider-Man’s web at the attachment point.
  • 2 – Go-kart.
  • 3 – S.H.I.E.L.D. Minicarri.
  • 4 – Magneto-mobile.
  • 5 – X-Jet.
  • 6 – Mandarin’s Helicopter.
  • 7 – Raft Truck.
  • 8 – Raft Helicopter.

How do you unlock all the vehicles in Lego Marvel superheroes?

To unlock this vehicle you must collect all: Gold Bricks, Red Bricks, Minikits, characters, “Stan Lee in Peril”, vehicles (except Deadpool’s Helicopter) and True Believer Statuses. Besides, you must also finish all main and bonus missions concluded in the game. Go to the target location and defeat Deadpool in a race.

What is the best vehicle in LEGO Marvel superheroes?

Lego Marvel’s Avengers: The Best Vehicles In the Game

  • Hawkeye’s Tractor.
  • Ice Cream Truck.
  • Pizza Van.
  • Stark’s Sportscar.
  • Chitauri Chariot.
  • Hawkeye’s Skycycle.
  • HYDRA Quinjet. Just because you don’t work for Hydra doesn’t mean you can’t steal their vehicles.
  • Lola. Sorry, Agent Coulson, but we’re touching Lola.

How many vehicles are in Lego Marvel?

Lego Marvel Super Heroes includes a vast repository of Vehicles, many of which may be unlocked and purchased. There are 44 land-based vehicles to unlock and drive around Manhattan. Many vehicles are unlocked after completion of story mode, and may be acquired and purchased post-game aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier.

Who is the boss challenge?


Who’s the Boss Complete each race, side mission, and puzzle in every area to unlock the corresponding boss. Defeat the boss to acquire that character.
Trivia Time Avenger’s Mansion: 1 Egypt: 1 Hala: 1 Hydra Empire: 2 Kang’s Citadel: 1 Manhattan Noir: 1 Medieval England: 1 Nueva York: 1 Xandar: 1

What are the cheat codes for Lego Marvel superheroes?

Additional LEGO Marvel Superheroes Cheat Codes

  • 5T3CQU – Avenging Cycle.
  • KXFQ87 – Beetle.
  • P9OWL0 – Black Cat.
  • 7HWU4L – Captain America (Classic)
  • AA0Z50 – Carnage.
  • H8CSE6 – Classic Thor.
  • J58RSS – Howard the Duck.
  • B7AA3K – Hydra Soldier.

How do you get a super Adaptoid?

After enough damage he’ll go to ground on Liberty Island, and summon some friends. Ignore them to hit SA with another projectile barrage. This should take him down in no time flat, unlocking the Super-Adaptoid for purchase, and scoring a Who’s the Boss point.