What are all the words for English 1 in Bully?

Words and Rewards

Class Letters Given Reward
English 1 W E M O L L Apologize to bullies more effectively
English 2 F G H I S T Better taunts when shoving
English 3 E I L M S S Apologize to Prefects and Faculty for minor offenses
English 4 A C N O R Y Better taunts

How do you enter cheats on bully Ps4?

Bully Cheat Codes Ps4

  1. Unlock All Clothes – L1, L1, R1, L1, L1, L1, R1, R1.
  2. Unlock All Gym Grapple Moves – L1 (hold), UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, X.
  3. Unlock All Hobo Fighting Moves – L1 (hold), UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE.
  4. Unlock All Weapons – L1 (hold), UP, UP, UP, UP.

Why did bully get banned?

Bully was banned in Brazil. In April 2008, a Brazilian judge prohibited the commerce and import of the game. The decision was based on findings by the state psychology society which stated that the game would be potentially harmful to teenagers and adults.

How do you beat the art class in Bully?

If you lose all your brushes, you fail the class. Start by drawing a line straight down the center. This will uncover half the picture. Try to trap enemies in the boxes you draw to destroy them.

What is Bully called in the UK?

The original Bully was released for the PS2 in the UK under the title Canis Canem Edit – Latin for “dog eats dog.” The new version, for the Xbox 360 and Wii, will revert to the original name. The National Union of Teachers has called for a ban on the game due to concern over bullying in schools.

What is Bully in Tagalog?

Translation for word Bully in Tagalog is : maton.

How many classes are in Bully?

There are currently 10 classes, Biology, Art, Shop, Photography, English, Math, Chemistry, Geography, Music And Gym. All of them reward Jimmy with merchandise after completion, or perks that will help him in the game.

How do you drive in Bully?

Simply follow all of the quests you are given for the main story until you get to the end of the first chapter. You cannot drive anything in the first chapter so you have to progress. Proceed through the main storyline of chapter 2 until you get to the go kart races.

Can you play Bully on PS5?

Bully is available for PS4, Xbox 360, and PC. Physical and digital copies should set you back about $15 — or less, if you happen upon a sale or used copy. The game is also playable through backward compatibility on PS5 and Series X|S.

Will there be a Bully 2 game?

The original Bully was released all the way back in 2006, and minus a remastered version titled “Scholarship Edition” coming a year later, no news of a sequel has ever been dropped.

Who made the art for Bully?

Rockstar Games Vancouver

Bully The box art of Bully.
Developer: Rockstar Games Vancouver
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platforms: PlayStation 2 Xbox (Cancelled) Wii (Scholarship Edition) Xbox 360 (Scholarship Edition) PC (Scholarship Edition) PlayStation 3 (download) PlayStation 4 (download) Android (Anniversary Edition) iOS (Anniversary Edition)

What is Bully called in Europe?

Canis Canem Edit
Officials from Rockstar Games have announced that controversial PlayStation 2-exclusive title Bully is to be renamed to Canis Canem Edit outside of the U.S, according to multiple European media reports.

How does bully English class 1 to 5 work?

Bully English class is divided into several stages, the English class 1 to 5. To finish each class, you must assemble various letters and make them into English words. The answers below are used for Bully: Anniversary Edition Android and iOS, but you could use it on Bully PS2 and PS4 as well.

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Can you use bully English class on PS2?

To finish each class, you must assemble various letters and make them into English words. The answers below are used for Bully: Anniversary Edition Android and iOS, but you could use it on Bully PS2 and PS4 as well. Although there are some different answers and can not be used for them.

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