What are common American Indian names?

Native American Baby Names

  • Dakota.
  • Cheyenne.
  • Aiyana.
  • Tallulah.
  • Winona.
  • Aiyanna.
  • Alaska.
  • Dakoda.

What are some Cherokee names for boys?

Here are a few Cherokee boy names and their meanings:

  • Ahuli — ah-HOO-lee — “drum”
  • Atohi — ah-TOH-hee — “woods”
  • Diwali — dee-WAH-lee — “bowls”
  • Onacona — OH-nah-COH-nah — “white owl”
  • Sequoyah — say-KWOH-yah — “sparrow”
  • Tsiyi — JEE-yee — “canoe”
  • Waya — WAH-yah — “Wolf”
  • Wohali — woh-HAH-lee — “eagle”

What is a popular male Indian name?

Among Hindus, names of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna are the most popular for boys. Rudra, Ishaan, Shivay, Rudransh, Shivansh, Krish, Kanha and Madhav are some examples of these. Other popular Hindu names are taken from the scriptures and mythological tales such as Kabir, Arjun, Shlok, Om, Atharv, and Kartikeya.

What are native boy names?

Native American Boy Names

  • Adriel: A Navajo name meaning “symbol of skill.”
  • Ahanu: This Algonquin name means “he laughs.”
  • Alo: This means “one who is a spiritual guide.”
  • Anakin: This means “soldier” and is also a Star Wars name.
  • Calian: This means “warrior of life.”
  • Dakota: This means “friendly companion.”

What is a good nickname for a boy?


Baby Honey Bunch
Brown Eyes Mister
Bubba My Guy
Bucky Pumpkin
Buddy Pup

What is a good nickname for a baby boy?

Cute baby boy nicknames

  • Angel.
  • Baby.
  • Bambino.
  • Bean.
  • Bubba.
  • Buddy.
  • Baby Boy.
  • Bud.

What are some American Indian names for boys?

Native American Indian Names for Boys. ABUKCHEECH: Algonquin name meaning “mouse.”. ACHAK: Algonquin name meaning “spirit.”. ADAHY: Cherokee name meaning “lives in the woods.”. AHANU: Algonquin name meaning “he laughs.”. AHIGA: Navajo name meaning “he fights.”. AHILIYA: Hopi name.

What are some Native American Indian names?

Their names from the most populous are Cherokee, Navajo, Sioux, Chippewa, Choctaw, Apache, Pueblo, Iroquois, Creek, and the Blackfeet. At the time of European arrival on the East Coast of the U.S., the Algonquian Indian Nation was the most predominant.

What are some Indian chief names?

Famous Indian Chiefs I have Known Alaska Indian Chiefs: Fernandeste, Sitka Jack and Anahootz Antonio and Antonito Billy Bowlegs and the Everglades of Florida Captain Jack of the Modoc Indians Chief Egan of the Malheurs The Great War Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces , and his lieutenants, White Bird and Looking-Glass Cochise , The Chiricahua Apache Chief

What are some Indian boy names?

Ajay 1. While spelled differently, Ajay bears a strong resemblance to the common American nickname AJ. In Sanskrit, Ajay means “the invincible.”