What are flatbed sides?

If you are new to the flatbed game, a side kit is essentially an on-demand enclosure that can completely cover a load from top to bottom much the same way a dry van does. The advantage of the side kit is that it can be installed and removed as needed. Use it when you need it; keep it stored when you don’t.

What are stake sides?

What are Stake Bed Sides? Stake sides are usually made of rigid and durable material, such as steel with a powder coating. You can find them in a variety of lengths — typically anywhere from 9 to 24 inches.

What are bed stakes?

A stake body truck is essentially a flatbed truck with built-in sockets surrounding the edge of the bed. Stake trucks offer a practical hauling solution for companies in industries such as agriculture, landscaping and various heavy-duty trades.

What is a stake bed truck used for?

Stake bed trucks are used to carry oversized, heavy and often odd shaped loads. Building materials, machinery and large equipment are some of the cargo that these trucks carry.

What is the max weight on a flatbed truck?

The maximum weight capacity for a flatbed truck varies widely, depending on a variety of factors. In general, though, you can expect the bridge weight capacity to be in the neighborhood of: 24-Foot, Three-Axle Truck: 54,000 Pounds Maximum Load. 36-Foot, Four-Axle Truck: 66,000 Pounds Maximum Load.

What do you call a flatbed truck?

Also called flatbed trailer, flatbed truck . a truck or trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes. Compare stake truck. flatbed scanner.

How do you stake the sides of a trailer?

You can weld metal stakes along the sides of the flatbed trailer, then screw wood panels into them in pre-drilled holes. Or you can use metal stakes to fit into the existing brackets or holes. Metal stakes usually are an option for sides that will not be removed often. Wood-stake sides are easy to put on and take off.

How do you use a truck stake pocket?

To complete this simple job, just drop the inserts into the stake pockets and fasten the bolts into place without fully tightening. Remove the top bolts and move the rack into place on the truck bed, then lightly screw the bolts back in place so they are holding the bed, but do not tighten them down just yet.

What are stake pockets on a trailer?

It is designed to hold a 2×4 stake so that you can build a sidewall to help keep cargo contained. Features: Heavy-duty bracket attaches to your flatbed truck or utility trailer to create 1 stake pocket Supports a 2×4 stake Can also be used as a tie-down point for cargo straps and binder chains …

How much does a stake bed truck weigh?

Weighs approx 1259 lbs.

Does flatbed trucking pay more?

Truth: Flatbed trucking companies consistently pay drivers more per mile when compared to many other types of trucking. Over the course of a year, the extra pay for additional work, such as tarping, can add up to a significant income difference compared to dry van and temperature controlled driving positions.

How do you load a flatbed truck?

A good rule of thumb is 60% toward the front and 40% toward the back. If you load too heavy in the back, the trailer will fishtail. If you load too heavy in the front of the trailer, there will be less weight on the front axle of the towing vehicle which can reduce traction and steering ability.

Where can I buy stake pockets for a truck?

Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a wide selection of stake pocket and stake body parts for trucks and trailers including: Weld-on stake pockets, Bolt-on stake pockets, Corner stake rack connector sets, Straight stake rack connector sets, Upright stake body steel assembly posts, Stake body tripper latches & Spring loaded keeper latches.

What kind of flatbed does a horse trailer use?

Highway Products Aluminum Flatbeds are perfect for pulling horse trailers. Strongback™ aluminum truck flatbed/ stake body with our “improved view” cab guard, stainless steel side rails, running boards, and tool box doors on a one-ton Chevy body.

What kind of steel is a stake body truck made of?

For stake body trucks is constructed with durable 16 Ga steel for use on all stake body trucks. Can be drop-mounted into a stake body pocket as an anchor point for chains or straps. Is constructed from strong 14 Ga steel for a 3 in. by 4-3/4 in. stake pocket.

How tall is a stake pocket on a trailer?

Fits into 3″ x 1-1/2″ stake pockets. 54″ tall upright stake body steel post assembly. This sturdy, two piece stake post with welded reinforcements is made of 14 gauge steel. Fits into 3″ x 1-1/2″ stake pockets. Tripper latch can be used to secure trailer stake body components.