What are giant wine barrels called?

The most common barrels are the Bordeaux style barrel, which holds 225 litres (59 US gal), followed by the Burgundy style barrel, which holds 228 litres (60 US gal). Some New World winemakers are now also using the larger hogshead 300-litre (79 US gal) barrel.

Can you put wine in an oak barrel?

As the most common type of barrel used during the wine-aging process, oak barrels add oxygen, tannins (the backbone of a red wine), and a depth of flavor to the wine stored inside of them. Oak barreling is most commonly used with red wines and Chardonnay.

How long do oak barrels last?

Oak Barrels Can Be Used for Upwards of 100 Years It’s perfectly okay if a winemaker is using oak barrels, after all, they last for up to 100 years. Using oak barrels to store wine is great because forests are a renewable resource.

How long should you age wine in an oak barrel?

Winemakers continue aging wine in an oak barrel for approximately 6–9 months to allow enough time for the wine to be in contact with the wood. Barrels which are younger give off structure and flavor at a faster, stronger rate than do older barrels.

What kind of oak is used for making wine barrels?

Different species of oak used for whiskey and wine barrels American white oak: American white oak is a most assertive force of whiskey wood world. European oak: European oak barrels tend to add spice and vanilla flavors to whiskey during aging. Sessile oak: It is also known as Irish oak because it is the national tree of Ireland.

Where does the oak for wine barrels come from?

The oak forests in France are the source of several species of European Oak trees, including white oak used for oaking wine. French Oak ( Quercus robur ) is common throughout Europe and Sessile Oak (Quercus petraea) is a finer grain species that is more sparse. The forests used for barrel oak are selected for their fine-grained consistent wood.

What is a new oak barrel?

New oak barrels are a cornerstone of American whiskey-making, and that they are in short supply this year is a plain fact. Just how short that supply is and whether they will remain so in future years, however, is another matter.

How oak barrels are made?

The heads of the oak barrels are made by fitting five or six head staves together and holding them in place with wooden dowels. A groove on the inside top and bottom holds the head in place after it is cut and placed in the groove, which is called the croze.