What are Rush activities?

What Is Rush? College kids who are interested in Greek life typically go through a ritual known as rush, which consists of a series of social events and gatherings that allow prospective and current fraternity or sorority members to get to know each other.

How do you stand out when rushing a fraternity?

10 Tips On Fraternity Rush

  1. Don’t be selective.
  2. Dress accordingly.
  3. Broaden your horizons.
  4. Take notice of other rushes.
  5. Don’t be “that guy.”
  6. Talk to the brothers.
  7. Leave an impression.
  8. Make sure that you like the house.

What are the rules of a frat?

The Unwritten Rules Of Frat Parties

  • Have fun, but not too much fun.
  • Always go in a group.
  • If you want to get in, don’t bring your guy friends.
  • DO NOT (EVER) wear cute shoes to a frat house.
  • Don’t drive.
  • Know what house you’re at.
  • Don’t post about where you are.
  • Most importantly, make friends.

What is fraternity rush like?

Fraternities often have a formal rush like sororities, but during rush, they also have informal events. During formal rush events, a potential new member would meet with all the fraternities, and depending on the university’s guidelines, visit their houses as well. Informal rush events are usually parties.

What should I wear to rush?

Again, you can stick with a skirt, shorts, statement pants, or a casual dress, but elevate the look with a slightly more formal top or accessories. You don’t have to wear heels during this round, but you totally can if you want to. Otherwise, flats will suffice.

What are the disadvantages of fraternities?

7 Disadvantages of Joining a Fraternity or Sorority

  • You Might Be Stereotyped by Peers.
  • You Might Be Stereotyped by Faculty.
  • Being Active Can Be a Major Time Commitment.
  • Joining Can Be Expensive.
  • There Can Be Strong Personality Conflicts.

Where do fraternity rush events usually take place?

Keep in mind that Rush isn’t just a list of events that you hold to try and get guys interested. Rush happens everywhere you are, your classes, the Quad, the Dining Hall, even on the sidewalk. Sure the Rush events are fun and exciting, but not everyone is just going to go to a fraternity rush event.

Is it safe to go to fraternity rush?

Sure the Rush events are fun and exciting, but not everyone is just going to go to a fraternity rush event. Take the time to invite or escort some potential new guys personally, particularly those guys who might not go on their own.

How to recruit for a sorority or fraternity?

Make sure your sorority or fraternity is armed with the best tools, tips, and tactics to make the recruitment and rush processes a breeze. This article is chock-full of recruitment ideas for your organization.

What kind of events are good for rushes?

Baseball, basketball, and football events are all fun events for rushes. They’re long enough to be worth the ticket price for everyone and still allow for conversation. Your fraternity will make such a great impression you’ll have rushes running back for more.