Social media is a popular topic for conversation these days as more than three and a half billion people have an account on at least one of the many social networks around. Social media is also a way to start the conversation as thousands of different topics are filtered through it on a daily basis. Millions, if not billions of posts are made every day and hundreds of millions of people all around the world are signing in and taking part. Given social media’s global reach that streteches all across the planet, it has become a twenty-four hour information service with new content being added continuously as people in different corners of the world get involved with it. The vast number of users and content that is being produced naturally means that social media has become a magnet for people who want to share their opinions and views with the wider world. If these posts are able to find a large enough audience then the mechanics of social media mean that the profile in question can be thrust forward into the limelight and gain a sea of followers. Getting to this point may take some time, though some people have quickly made it with help of websites like iigers Instagram. We will explain how exactly they can help you if you are looking for a boost but first of all we will give you a run down of what features are and why you need to know about them.

What are social media features?

It is quite possible to become a success on social media and make a big name for yourself. However, in order to do so, you need to master social media features as they will be the driving force behind any future success. Social media features refer to the different types of interaction that other social media users have with your account. These include the most common and popular ones, such as views, likes, comments and followers. It is important to know what these are but it is probably more important to know how to attract them to your profile as the interaction gained from them is what fuels your profile’s expansion.

Views and likes

Views and likes are two of the most basic social media features and they go hand-in-hand: you can’t have a like without a view and, quite often, a view will lead to a like. Any time another social media user looks at your profile or its content, that is counted as a view. This is important for social media algorithms as the content with the most views is more likely to be promoted. When users see something in your content that they appreciate, for whatever reason, they will frequently give it a like. This is not as automatic as a view, it does require a little bit of effort, but for most social media users, it is an action that flows easily through their fingers. Likes are the most obvious way of measuring the popularity of a particular piece of content.


Comments are another common feature and they refer to typed messages that users leave on your profile or beneath content that you have posted. Comments can be a good way to interact with other users as they tend to lead to larger discussions. In terms of interaction, they are particularly useful as they usually generate additional interaction from other users who view them, like them or write a comment of their own in response. Comments can also be used to tag other users and draw their attention to the post in question.


Followers are deemed to be the Holy Grail of social media features because they can perform all the previous ones while being counted as a unique form of engagement themselves. Followers refer to the social media users who take an interest in your profile and its content and decide to sign up for regular updates. Followers are the greatest indicator of the overall popularity of a profile in question and this is why they are so eagerly sought after.

Paying for social media features

As we mentioned above, with the help of certain websites, it is possible to give your profile a boost and turn it into one of the leading accounts on social media. This is done by taking a very simple approach and it is one that is becoming increasingly popular: There are a number of websites out there that provide users with the opportunity to purchase social media features. This means that any social media user can go along to them and pay for views, likes, comments or followers. They can then apply them to their account however they like while they also have more control over how their account is engaged with. Paying for social media features is the only way that you can guarantee you will get them and, therefore, it should be considered to be an investment in your profile and the future succes that you want it to have.