What are the 10 largest states by population density?

Here are the 10 states with the highest population density:

  • Maryland (625 people per square mile)
  • Delaware (508 people per square mile)
  • New York (410 people per square mile)
  • Florida (409 people per square mile)
  • Ohio (287 people per square mile)
  • Pennsylvania (286 people per square mile)

Which US state has the highest population density?

List of states and territories of the United States by population density

State etc. Population density
Rank (all) per mi2
District of Columbia 1 11011
New Jersey 2 1218
Puerto Rico 3 1046

Which 5 Japanese prefectures are the most densely populated?


Rank Prefectures Population Density
Sort Desc Asc Desc Asc
1 Tokyo 6,168.7人
2 Osaka 4,639.8人
3 Kanagawa 3,777.7人

What is the population density of each state?

Population density in the U.S. by federal states including the District of Columbia in 2020

Characteristic Number of residents per square mile
Maryland 623.99
Delaware 506.32
New York 410.32
Florida 405.45

Which US state is the least populated?

Population in the states of the U.S. 2020 California was the state with the highest resident population in the United States in 2020, with 39.37 million people. Wyoming had the lowest population with about 580,000 residents.

Which city in Japan has the lowest population density?

It is Japan’s smallest city by population….Utashinai.

Utashinai 歌志内市
Population (December 31, 2020)
• Total 3,019
• Density 54/km2 (140/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+09:00 (JST)

Why is Tokyo the largest city in the world?

According to the 2019 update of Demographia World Urban Areas, Tokyo is the largest “Megacity” in the world! Tokyo houses about 10% of Japan’s population. The total population of Japan is about 127 million people, so that’s a whopping 30% – and makes Tokyo the most populous urban area in the world.

What is the size of Japan compared to the US?

Japan is about 26 times smaller than United States. United States is approximately 9,833,517 sq km, while Japan is approximately 377,915 sq km. Meanwhile, the population of United States is ~326.6 million people (200.2 million fewer people live in Japan). This to-scale map shows a size comparison of United States compared to Japan.

What is Japans population density per square mile?

The first is by looking at a country’s arithmetic population density. This measure is calculated by dividing the number of people in a country I its total land area. As you read in the introduction, Japan’s arithmetic population density is about 880 persons per square mile .

What countries have the highest population density?

Therefore, the world’s population density is 14.7 per square kilometer. Urban areas usually have a great population density compared to rural areas. Some of the countries with the highest population density include Macau (China), Monaco, and Singapore.

What are the demographics of Japan?

The population growth rate is minus 0.31% (369,000 residents, including 1,337,937 deaths). The demographics of Japan constitutes of 64,441,000 women and 61,443,000 men, which means there are 954 men per 1000 women. As far as age distribution goes, 17.3% of population (21,790,520) is 19 or younger, 54.8% of population (69,034,786)…