What are the breadth requirements at UC Berkeley?

Seven-Course Breadth

  • Arts and Literature. Knowledge and appreciation of the creative arts.
  • Biological Science.
  • Historical Studies.
  • International Studies.
  • Philosophy and Values.
  • Physical Science.
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Can you take classes outside of your major at UC Berkeley?

Yes, you can take classes offered by any of Berkeley’s Schools and Colleges. In fact, you will need to take classes outside of Rausser to complete Reading and Composition, Math, Chemistry and Biology requirements, if applicable.

How many units is full time at UC Berkeley?

12 units
Full-time Enrollment Requirements Colleges may require more than 12 units to be considered full-time (e.g. Letters & Sciences full-time = 13 units or more). Full time enrollment for graduate students is 12 units or the number of units required by the department for all graduate students in the program.

What are Fces U of T?

A full course equivalent (FCE) refers to either a course that is a full year course (two semesters at 72 hours of class time) or two half year courses (one semester each at 36 hours of class time). English 1807 – Writing Skills for NNEP program; this is a full year, 1.0 FCE course.

Can you double major at UC Berkeley?

To be eligible to declare a double major, you must have: Completed at least one semester at UC Berkeley (unless you are a transfer student that must declare a capped major in your first semester) Applications for double majors and simultaneous degrees must be submitted by the appropriate deadlines.

What are the breadth courses at UC Berkeley?

This information can be found on the www.assist.org website by selecting the community college, then UC Berkeley, then the business administration major. At UC Berkeley, students obtain a liberal arts education. To that end, our 7-course breadth requirement specifies that students take courses in several different departments or fields.

What are the requirements for 7 course breadth?

All transfer courses must be completed with a grade of C- or better or the equivalent of a Passed (P) grade on the host campus in order to be considered for Seven-Course Breadth. Seven-Course Breadth is satisfied.

Is there a California Community College with 7 course breadth?

Seven-Course Breadth is satisfied. No additional course work is required. Berkeley students may pursue a pre-approved course for Seven-Course Breadth at a California Community College. To identify pre-approved courses for Seven-Course Breadth, see our Transfer Credit: California Community College page for step-by-step instructions.

How can I find courses that have breadth?

Complete one approved course for each of the seven areas with a minimum grade of C- or P . To find course options for breadth, go to the Berkeley Academic Guide Class Schedule (link is external), select the term of interest, and use the ‘Breadth Requirements’ filter to select the breadth area (s) of interest.