What are the symbols of the Titans?

The Titans represent huge, primitive, and hard-to-control forces. They also symbolize a spirit of rebellion against the authority of the gods, as in the story of the Titan Prometheus, who helped human beings against Zeus’s will.

Who is the most famous Titan?

11. Cronus: Titan Ruler of the Universe. Although he was the youngest son of Gaea and Uranus, Cronus was also the strongest of the Greek Titans. For a brief time, earth enjoyed a Golden Age under his rule.

What is the legend of the Titans?

The Titans were the deities in Greek mythology that preceded the Olympians. They were the children of the primordial deities Uranus (heaven) and Gaea (earth). Cronus was the leader of the Titans, after he managed to overthrow his tyrant father Uranus from the throne.

What are the 12 Titans and their powers?

The Original Twelve Titans

  • Cronus – The leader of the Titans and the god of time.
  • Rhea – Cronus’ wife and queen of the Titans.
  • Oceanus – He represented the sea and was the eldest of the Titans.
  • Tethys – A sea goddess who was married to Oceanus.
  • Hyperion – The Titan of light and the father of the sun god Helios.

What are the names of all Titans in Greek mythology?

Titan, in Greek mythology, any of the children of Uranus (Heaven) and Gaea (Earth) and their descendants. According to Hesiod ’s Theogony , there were 12 original Titans: the brothers Oceanus, Coeus, Crius, Hyperion, Iapetus, and Cronus and the sisters Thea, Rhea, Themis, Mnemosyne, Phoebe, and Tethys.

Why was Titan named after Greek mythology?

It is also the second largest moon in the Solar System. Titan was names after the ancient race of giants in Greek Mythology. They were the children of Uranus and Gaia, who sought to rule the heavens but were overthrown by the family of Zeus.

What does Titan mean in Greek mythology?

Definition of titan. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 capitalized : any of a family of giants in Greek mythology born of Uranus and Gaea and ruling the earth until overthrown by the Olympian gods . 2 : one that is gigantic in size or power : one that stands out for greatness of achievement. titan-.

What were the powers of the Titans in Greek mythology?

The Titans were an elder generation of gods who ruled the cosmos before the Olympians gods came to power. They were responsible for the original ordering of time and the establishment of fixed heavenly cycles.