What are the teaching points for defending 1 v 1?

1 defending: Quick Pressure-The player nearest the ball must “close the space” as quickly as possible as soon as the ball is played to his opponent. You should close ground on your opponent as the ball is traveling to the attacker, do not wait until he/she has received the ball.

What are the five principles of defense?

This series explores the five principles of defense, namely pressure, cover/support, balance, delay and compactness.

What are the 5 principles of defending?

There are five principles of defending:

  • PRESSURE. This is the role of the first defender.
  • COVER. This is the role of the second defender.
  • BALANCE. This is the role of the third defender.

How can I practice defending in soccer alone?

How to Defend in Soccer

  1. Every position should defend in a soccer game, yet many coaches do not teach players how to defend correctly.
  2. Move quickly to the player with the ball.
  3. Slow Down Quickly.
  4. Defend at an angle.
  5. Lower your center of gravity.
  6. Put your arms out.
  7. Use the Offside Trap.
  8. Call for a double team.

How to do a defensive drill in soccer?

10 soccer defending drills. 1 1. Defender vs Attacker 1v1 defending drill. Set up: 2 2. Defend the cone 1v1 defending soccer drill. 3 3. force the attacker back 1v1 soccer defending drill. 4 4. Protect the soccer ball 1v1 defending drill. 5 5. Soccer 2v2 defending drill to force attackers wide.

What are the rules of defending in soccer?

The defenders must prevent the attackers from scoring and must try and score in 3 goals placed on the opposite side. Normal rules of soccer applies including throw ins and corner kicks. If the ball goes out for a goal kick the attackers will start with the ball at the goals they are defending.

How to defend a cone in a soccer game?

Defend the cone 1v1 defending soccer drill The 2 players will be split into an attacker and a defender. The aim for the defender is to try and stop the attacker passing the ball and knocking the cone over, if the defender wins the ball back they can dribble back to the line where the attacker started.

How are points awarded in a defending drill?

The defending drill starts by the defender passing the ball to the attacker. If the defender wins the ball they get 1 point, if they manage to win the ball back and score they get 3, If the attacker scores they 2 points.