What are the traps in Saw 3?

Saw III Traps

  • The Classroom Trap.
  • The Angel Trap.
  • The Shotgun Collar.
  • Jeff’s Trial. 4.1 The Freezer Room. 4.2 The Pig Vat. 4.3 The Rack. 4.4 Jeff’s Final Test.
  • Amanda’s Test.
  • Trivia.

What Are saw 7 traps?

Saw VII Traps

  • The Public Execution Trap.
  • The Pain Train.
  • The Horsepower Trap.
  • The Lawnmower Trap.
  • Bobby’s Trial. 5.1 The Suspended Cage. 5.2 The Silence Circle. 5.3 The Impalement Wheel. 5.4 The Hangman’s Noose. 5.5 The Wisdom Teeth Combination.
  • The Sentry Gun Trap.
  • The Cyanide Box.
  • The Reverse Beartrap.

What is the most painful saw trap?

Top 10 Most Brutal Saw Traps

  • 8: The Knife Chair (Saw IV)
  • 7: The Freezer (Saw III)
  • 6: The Needle Pit (Saw II)
  • 5: Scale Trap (Saw VI)
  • 4: The Candle Trap (Saw)
  • 3: The Rings Trap (Saw III)
  • 2: The Rack (Saw III)
  • 1: The Death Mask (Saw II)

What are the traps in Saw 4?

Saw IV Traps

  • 1 The Mausoleum.
  • 2.1 The Scalping Seat. 2.2 The Bedroom Trap. 2.3 The Spike Trap. 2.4 The Ice Block Trap.
  • 3 Perez and Strahm’s Trial.
  • 4 The Knife Chair.
  • 5 The Spine Cutters.
  • 6 Hoffman’s Test.

What is the scariest Saw?

For those with strong stomachs, here are the 20 grisliest, goriest, and most altogether gruesome traps in the “Saw” series.

  • Angel Trap (Saw III)
  • The Razor Box (Saw II)
  • The Freezer (Saw III)
  • Finger Trap (Spiral)
  • The Pig Vat (Saw III)
  • Bathroom Trap (Saw)
  • Reverse Bear Trap (Saw, Saw VI, and Saw 3D)
  • The Needle Pit (Saw II)

How do you survive a Saw trap?

The only way to escape the trap would be to push two buttons on either side of him, the act of which would also crush his hands. Baxter does as he’s told, but the pendulum doesn’t stop.

How does the angel trap work?

The function of this trap is similar to the blood eagle, a method of ancient Nordic execution. In this method, the victim’s ribs were severed from the vertebral column with a sharp implement and the lungs were pulled through the opening to create a pair of “wings”.

Who is the villain in Saw 4?

Mark David Hoffman (also known as Detective Lieutenant Mark Hoffman or Mark Hoffman for short) is the secondary antagonist of the Saw franchise. He serves as a minor character in Saw III and as the main antagonist from Saw IV to Saw 3D.

Does anyone survive in Saw?

Several survivors from the previous films returned as members of the self-help group in Saw 3D. These include Lawrence Gordon from the first Saw film, Mallick Scott from Saw V, and Simone, Addy, Emily and Tara Abbott from Saw VI.

Are there any death traps in the Saw series?

The Saw franchise showed up some really gruesome death traps in the horror movies — but which were the most creative of all? The Saw franchise is one of horror’s bloodiest. More torture than horror, Saw may be an acquired taste, but the series stands on some genuine merits.

Are there any exceptions to the traps in saw?

Some exceptions include the Quadruple Shotgun Hallway and Electrified Staircase, which were used by Jigsaw for security purposes; the Drill Chair trap, in which Jigsaw used the victim as an experiment; and the Magnum Eyehole trap in Saw II and Jeff Reinhart’s tests in Saw III, in which the traps were not based on the victims.

What’s the purpose of the traps in saw?

In accordance with Jigsaw’s ideology, the traps are meant to act as a form of immediate rehabilitation for the subject upon completion, rewarding the survivors with a new lease on life and ridding them of their vices. These traps, also called “games” come in 7 varieties, though some can fall into more than one of these categories:

How did jigsaw come up with the traps?

In most cases, the traps are created for people Jigsaw deems unappreciative of their lives and are designed to ironically reflect the characters’ flaws, with a few exceptions, such as the Security Traps. In all these situations, the victim must perform dangerous tasks, mutilate themselves, or harm others to escape.