What caliber is 120mm?

120 mm M1 gun
Barrel length 23½ feet (7.16 m)
Crew A gun commander, a gunner with an eight man squad, and an ammunition chief supervising two ammunition handlers – a total of thirteen men.
Shell 120 × 775 mm. R
Caliber 120 mm L/60

How big is a 120 mm shell?

120×570mm NATO

120×570mm NATO tank ammunition
Bullet diameter 120 mm (4.7 in)
Base diameter 160 mm (6.3 in)
Rim diameter 169 mm (6.7 in)
Case length 570 mm (22 in)

What caliber does a tank shoot?

This report covers tank guns of 115 mm, 120 mm, and 125 mm in calibre, which encompasses the majority of tank guns that have been produced since 1961, when the Soviet Union introduced the T-62 main battle tank (MBT).

How much does a 120mm cannon weigh?

approximately 3,317 kilograms
The 120-millimeter (4.7 in) gun has a length of 5.28 meters (17.3 ft), and the gun system weighs approximately 3,317 kilograms (7,313 lb).

Can you buy tank ammunition?

Cannon ammo is included. It’s like Uber, but for military-grade machine guns, tanks, and grenade launchers. And can anybody just up and buy something with the insane firepower of a tank or grenade launcher? According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, yes, totally legal.

What is the most powerful tank gun?

These are the 10 most powerful tanks in use today.

  1. 1 T-90MS – Russia. Via Pinterest.
  2. 2 Type 99A – China. Via Pinterest.
  3. 3 Type 10 – Japan. Via Pinterest.
  4. 4 K2 Black Panther – South Korea. Via Pinterest.
  5. 5 Challenger 2 CLEP – United Kingdom.
  6. 6 Leclerc XLR – France.
  7. 7 Merkava IVm Windbreaker – Israel.
  8. 8 Leopard 2A7+ – Germany.

How heavy is a 120mm tank round?

120mm M865 Technical Specifications

Cartridge Data
Length 881 mm (34.7”)
Weight 17.2 kg (38 lb.)
Propellant type M14 Granular
Propellant weight 7.3 kg (16.1 lb.)

Which is the latest version of the DM53 tank gun?

The DM53 has been optimized to lass than 0.2 mil accuracy. DM 53-A1 is an advanced version of the DM 53. Currently being supplied in series to the armed forces of Germany, Austria and Turkey as the DM 63. DM53-A1 was selected by the armed forces of Finland and Denmark.

What kind of ammunition was used in Desert Storm?

This cartridge was the primary anti-tank weapon used by US Army tanks during Desert Storm. Weight: 20.9kg, Length: 984mm, Propellant: JA 19 Perf (7.9kg) creating a chamber pressure of 5,600 bar. The Projectile length: 780mm. Weight: 9kg. Penetrator is made of depleted uranium. length: 684mm. Diameter: 22mm. Weight: 4.6kg.

What kind of ammunition does Rheinmetall use?

The DM 11 is thus a perfect match for the altered operational requirements of modern main battle tanks. Rheinmetall has developed the world’s first temperature-independent high-performance tank ammunition, the DM 63 and DM 53 A1 (the latter is an upgraded version of the DM 53).

How much does a M829A3 ammo cartridge weigh?

The M829A3 cartridge has a total weight of 22.3 kg and length of 892mm. It uses 8.1 kg of RPD-380 stick propellant, accelerating a 10kg projectile to a muzzle velocity of 1,555m/sec.