What circuit is West Palm Beach?

Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court
The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Court is located in West Palm Beach and is one of 20 judicial circuits in the state. A searchable list of all judges, magistrates and managers for the court. Palm Beach County contains five courthouses.

What District court is Palm Beach County?

The Florida Fourth District Court of Appeal handles appeals and extraordinary writ cases from the Fifteenth, Seventeenth, and Nineteenth Judicial Circuits, which are composed of Palm Beach, Broward, St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River, and Okeechobee Counties.

How many judicial County courts are in Palm Beach County?

The Fifteenth Circuit Judiciary The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit is comprised of five (5) Circuit Court Divisions and two (2) County Court Divisions. The Fifteenth Judicial Circuit is a general jurisdiction court with 35 circuit judges presiding.

How many circuit judges are in Florida?

20 circuit courts
The Florida court system is comprised of the Supreme Court, five district courts of appeal, 20 circuit courts and 67 county courts. Each layer of the Florida judicial system has a distinct role in providing justice to all Floridians.

What circuit is Fort Lauderdale?

Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida
Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

When did circuit riding stop?

The circuit courts, however, would continue to exist (in significantly reduced form) until January 1, 1912, when Congress abolished them under the Judicial Code of 1911, eliminating entirely the practice of circuit riding.

What is the Florida Circuit Court?

The Florida Circuit Courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction in Florida. Circuit Court is where felonies, family law, civil cases (over $15,000 disputed), probate issues, juvenile cases, and appeals from County Court are heard.

Which district court is Florida in?

United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida
(M.D. Fla.)
Location Orlando show More locations
Appeals to Eleventh Circuit
Established July 30, 1962

Where do most civil and criminal cases begin?

Federal courts are courts of limited jurisdiction, meaning they can only hear cases authorized by the United States Constitution or federal statutes. The federal district court is the starting point for any case arising under federal statutes, the Constitution, or treaties.

What Judicial Circuit Court of Appeals would cases from Florida be heard?

the Eleventh Judicial Circuit
Established by Congress in 1981, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit has jurisdiction over federal cases originating in the states of Alabama, Florida and Georgia. The circuit includes nine district courts with each state divided into Northern, Middle and Southern Districts.

What kind of cases go to Circuit Court?

Circuit Courts generally handle more serious criminal cases and major civil cases. These include juvenile and other family law cases such as divorce, custody and child support. The Circuit Courts hear most cases appealed from the District Court, orphans’ courts and some administrative agencies.

What is the 2nd highest court in Florida called?

Florida’s court system consists of the following entities: two appellate level courts (the supreme court and five district courts of appeal) and two trial level courts (20 circuit courts and 67 county courts).

  • The supreme court is the highest court in Florida.
  • What is the 15th Judicial Circuit in Palm Beach County?

    Palm Beach County is the 15th Judicial Circuit. Circuit Court judges are a rung above County Court judges and handle serious criminal cases including homicide, burglary and child abuse. They hear civil cases involving more than $15,000.

    What is the 12th Judicial Circuit in Florida?

    The Twelfth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida is a Circuit Court comprising DeSoto, Manatee, and Sarasota Counties on the western coast of Central Florida.

    What is the 17th Judicial Circuit?

    The 17th Judicial Circuit serves the citizens of Broward County Florida. It is the second largest jurisdiction in the State of Florida.

    What is a judicial circuit judge?

    Circuit judge, a judge who sits on any of the United States courts of appeals, known as circuit courts.