What council is tarporley under?

Cheshire West & Chester Council
Cheshire West & Chester Council.

Where is Tarporley Cheshire?

Tarporley is located in the county of Cheshire, North West England, six miles west of the town of Winsford, ten miles east of the major city of Chester, 118 miles north of Cardiff, and 156 miles north-west of London. Tarporley falls within the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester.

Is Cheshire a posh?

Cheshire has always been posh – in my Wirral childhood, the peninsula’s postcode change from Cheshire to Merseyside caused howls of indignation. Now it is a festival of conspicuous consumption. Cheshire’s oldest family – and by far the richest – are the Grosvenors.

Is Cheshire a good place to live?

Cheshire is a County in the North West of the UK and often described as one of the most desirable places to live in the UK. Mainly due to the wide range of activities, natural beauty spots, quaint villages and Market Towns the area has to boast.

Is there a Frodsham in Wales?

listen) is a market town, civil parish and electoral ward in the unitary authority of Cheshire West and Chester and the ceremonial county of Cheshire, England. Its population was 8,982 in 2001, increasing to 9,077 at the 2011 Census.

Why is Cheshire Posh?

The area is noted for expensive houses in pleasant countryside that is popular with wealthy Premier League footballers, celebrities and entrepreneurs. Five of the ten most expensive roads in the North West have been identified as being in this area.

Is Cheshire expensive to live in?

With all this in mind, demand for housing in Cheshire is high. Prices are also steeper than many other areas of north-west England. According to Zoopla data, the current average value of a home in the county sits just over £221,000 but some pockets are infinitely more expensive than others.

Is Frodsham a good place to live?

Fresh and bustling with life, Frodsham is both a typically traditional English market town and an up-and-coming place to settle. With its wide high street, attractive period buildings and well-connected transport links, this is a community that is particularly proud of, and embraces its vibrant, independent character.

What is being filmed in Frodsham?

A new BBC thriller series is currently being filmed in Cheshire. Crews filming Rules of the Game have been spotted at several locations in Frodsham, including the Forest Hills Hotel and locations on Main Street.

Is Cheshire a posh place?

Is Cheshire a rich area?

When it comes to multi-millionaires, 16 out of the richest 20 towns in the U.K. are all in the south east of the country. You have to get to 15th place to find a town or village that is not in the south east, Alderley Edge in Cheshire, which has 40 multi-millionaires.