What did 752 mean on scandal?

752 is the time Huck briefly met his son, five-years-ago; Javi is now eight-years-old. David Rosen does not appear at all in this episode.

What is Huck’s story on scandal?

He was married to Kim and together, they have a son named Javi. Huck is a highly trained and highly damaged covert operative, the low-key and quietly brilliant Huck now swears his allegiance to Olivia Pope and will happily go very, very far to protect her or his colleagues at Olivia Pope and Associates.

Why does Huck keep giving Olivia coffee?

Back at the office, Huck hands Olivia the third coffee of the episode — even though she doesn’t drink coffee (don’t you know Kerry Washington is pregnant, Huck?). He learned the gesture through commercials: Bringing coffee means he’s sorry; Olivia drinking it means she’s forgiven him.

Who is the White House mole in scandal?

Billy Chambers
As Olivia and the team continue to investigate who the mole is, Huck manages to capture Charlie, who reveals the mole’s identity: Billy Chambers. They figure out that Billy is working with David, who steals the Cytron card, but frames Billy and gives Cyrus the card in exchange for being reinstated as US Attorney.

What does B613 stand for?

And though the CFPB has yet to engage in the strong-arm tactics and “enhanced interrogation techniques” of B613 (solitary confinement, waterboarding, torture), it does pack a punch, so to speak, along the order of fines and legal action.

What did Huck do to Elizabeth on scandal?

Huck Tortures Elizabeth After Olivia Pope has been kidnapped and due to her connection with Andrew Nichols Huck goes to visit Elizabeth at her house – with his tools – and threatens to snap her daughter, Jane North’s, neck if she doesn’t help get Olivia home safely. Huck gave her 24 hours.

Why did Abby have Huck shot?

Huck finally found a seemingly normal girlfriend who legitimately seemed like someone who could be good for Huck and make him happy. Then she shot him and possibly (but probably not) killed him.

Does Quinn sleep with Huck?

24. Huck and Quinn Start Sleeping Together. What goes down: Apologies to any Quinn-Huck shippers out there, but their physical relationship (ESPECIALLY AFTER HE SAVAGELY TORTURES HER) is pretty nasty. That being said, their parking garage huck-up (see what I did there?) is definitely one of the steamier ones.

Does Huck hurt Quinn?

Huck begins to torture Quinn and is stopped by a phone call from Olivia telling him that her mother is alive. He warns her to leave her apartment with her mother and go to a safe house and goes to join her though not before ripping out one of Quinn’s teeth in anticipation of the torture to follow.

Is Billy Chambers The Mole?

Billy hasn’t been seen after the first season, he reappears towards the end of in the second season revealing himself to be the individual behind a series of events that went on throughout season 2 of scandal as a mole under the code name of Albatross.

Who won the mole Season 2?

Dorothy Hui
The Mole (American season 2)

The Mole
Season 2
Presented by Anderson Cooper
No. of contestants 14
Winner Dorothy Hui