What did Sharon do to Ian?

EastEnders Soap Scoop! As fans will remember, Sharon and Phil Mitchell were involved in a plot to kill Ian over his role in Dennis Rickman’s death, though Sharon had a last minute change of heart after giving him poisoned food and saving his life.

Did Sharon and Grant get back together?

He then attacks Phil and bullies and humiliates Sharon into agreeing to a divorce. She goes to stay with Angie in America but returns in March 1995 to hostility from the Mitchells. She is unperturbed and wins back the respect of Grant who realises that he still loves her.

Why is Sharon married to Ian?

Ian had believed that he was dying after doctors confirmed that he was suffering from a bleed to the brain after being attacked last week. He had proposed to Sharon so that she would be able to inherit the Queen Vic if he died.

Is Sharon poisoning Ian?

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) attempted to take his own life in EastEnders tonight (January 22), with Sharon’s (Letitia Dean) poisoned spaghetti. Ian broke down in tears, and revealed that — in spite of Sharon’s belief that he is responsible for Dennis’ death — he did, in fact, try to rescue the young boy.

When did Phil sleep with Sharon?

Sharongate was a storyline which started in 1992 when Phil Mitchell slept with his sister in law Sharon Mitchell, wife of Phil’s volatile brother Grant Mitchell.

Are Sharon and Phil divorced?

There will be no going back after this. EastEnders has confirmed it is definitely over for Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts. The former couple are officially divorcing according to new spoilers released by the soap. Now the soap has revealed that Phil has been brooding over losing the Vic to Ian but is now over it.

What happened to Sharon Watts son?

EastEnders is set to make its long-awaited return, and viewers will finally get to see the moment Sharon Watts finds out her son Dennis was killed by Ian Beale. While Ian tried to save him when the boat began to go down, he was unable to free him in time and while Ian survived, Denny died in the incident.

When did Sharon Watts and Duncan Boyd get married?

In 1987, she seeks refuge from her turbulent home life with church curate, Duncan Boyd (David Gillespie). They plan to marry but Duncan bores Sharon and she ends the engagement. Sharon is torn between her conflicting parents until their marriage deteriorates and, in 1988, Angie emigrates.

How did Sharon Watts and Phil get back together?

Michelle calls the police during one of Grant’s outbursts and he is imprisoned for assaulting them. While he is in prison, Sharon and Phil reunite and live together as a couple. Neither wants to tell Grant and when he is released, Sharon takes him back, leaving Phil dejected.

When did Sharon Watts first appear in EastEnders?

Sharon is one of EastEnders ‘ original characters conceptualised by creators Tony Holland and Julia Smith. She first appeared in the first episode broadcast on 19 February 1985 as the teenage adoptive daughter of pub landlords Den ( Leslie Grantham) and Angie Watts ( Anita Dobson ).